Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend in 2018

By Divinely Inspired Living denys-nevozhai-191635.jpg

Do you yearn to set aside some time to write and reflect? The week-long French Alps Writing retreat is set in a natural environment of Lake Annecy (about 40 minutes from Geneva, Switzerland) surrounded by mountains. This exquisite location is conducive to take time out to explore your writing with the possibility of turning it into a book.

We’re celebrating six years of international retreats and the Write blog has once again put these retreats on its list of “Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend” for the 5th year in a row. The week-long retreat runs July 1-8th, 2018, for a full week of workshops, writing time, and time to explore the bike paths, lakeside beaches, eat good French food, drink wine, enjoy the indoor spa and outdoor pool, and take some mountain hikes.

Price includes lodging for 7 nights, meals, workshop fees, and a special guest author who teaches yoga for some yoga sessions as well.

A Great Gift for Yourself or Someone You Know

You may want to put the summer retreat on your Christmas wish-list. Gift certificates are available for a portion or all of the cost of the retreat. Take advantage of the early-bird rates.

You’ll find retreat details and see photos of the venue and past retreats here.

What past retreat participants say:

“The biggest motive for me coming here was to help find a way forward, a way to start to feel whole again, and the experience of this week has opened a window – both a window to the the inside and the outside. I have learnt a lot and taken masses away both to process and to practise, as well as new friends that I hope will stay in my life. The retreat was both cathartic and catalytic; I left inspired.”  – – Shelan Rodgers, Spain

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