Fearlessly Sharing Your Creative Self

By Debra Moffitt, Copyright Divinely Inspired Living Media, July 2017. lemuel-butler-515

What’s the biggest thing holding most people back from writing their book? Fear of vulnerability, I believe. This fear hides under a lot of guises. Like, “I don’t have time.” Or “I have too many ideas.” Or “I don’t know where to start.” But more often the reticence and resistance come down to fear of opening up and sharing your creative self with others.

So here are my three tips on ways to kick the fear and dive right in:

  1. Write for yourself. Before you can write and be of service to others, you will have to write for yourself. Allow your voice to come through. Don’t hold back the pain, the fear, the anger. It’s only when you’re able to feel the pent up emotions driving you to write that you can release them on the page. Later you’ll likely want to come back, refine, and write from a different place. But the first step is writing for yourself to connect with and release the emotions.
  2. Embrace Unconditional Love. So what does unconditional love have to do with writing? Everything, in my view. When you’re writing about an experience, don’t judge it. Don’t criticize. Simply allow the energy to flow through you and onto the page/screen. When you love and accept yourself as a writer and a human being, you will also love your readers and share uplifting energy. If you’ve ever read a vengeful author, one who wants to get even with someone through his or her writing, you know how icky the feeling is to receive as a reader. Get that stuff out of your body first, as a writer, then write with clarity and intention.
  3. Be Raw and Honest. Life isn’t always pretty. If you only share the goody-ness, or only allow readers to imagine your life never has hitches or unhappiness, then it doesn’t feel real. Writing real doesn’t mean being nasty or hurtful or sharing bad energy. It means telling about life’s real challenges and revealing inspiring stories around how you or your characters succeed in facing them.
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