Express Yourself, Don’t Repress

by Debra Moffitt, copyright DM, 2017.

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Healthy self-expression is good for the soul. Expression is a creative, self-affirming act. When we don’t express what wants to come through — whether it’s by writing or saying something, it can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and a sense of not feeling worthy.

The impulse to express is creative. You want to write? But your mind says, “No, who am I to write this?” It’s a state of disharmony. When we block the creative energy that rises and wants to be released in a constructive way, it can cause dis-ease. It can make you sick. The most common thing I see in women who don’t express themselves is thyroid and throat related problems. Often family patterns have told these women to keep quiet, “Be seen and not heard.” They were told to keep their opinions and desires to themselves, that they don’t deserve to express what they think and feel. But repression of that energy that seeks expression, takes a lot of energy. Repression means literally holding back the energy. Holding it in. Holding onto it — often because of a feeling that it’s safer not to show up and say anything.

Many of us learned to suppress emotions and not to speak up. So when we start to share our feelings, they can come out as unexpectedly strong and forceful, sometimes they may be accompanied by anger. So here are some ways to respect the need to speak up and do it in a way that’s kind and honors self and others.

  1. Listen to yourself first. If you’re not used to speaking up, you’re often not used to listen to your own inner impulses either. Tune in to see how you feel, the find the words to say what you need.
  2. If you’re not in the habit of speaking up, once you realize you want to change and that you’ve held back for so long, you may over react and be too strong in your words, too aggressive. Take a deep breath and speak with peace instead.
  3. Respect your creative energy. If you’re inspired to create or write, but never gave yourself permission to, now’s the time. Write, create, paint, draw, make something with your hands. Use your creative energy in ways that will honor it and you!
  4. Give yourself permission to journal your thoughts and understand how you feel. And if you’re inspired, make the leap to write your book! If you’ve dreamed of writing your book, now’s the time. Give it a go and trust your inner voice to guide you. Accelerate your process by joining a writing workshop. My “4 Steps to Writing Your Inspired Book” webinar will help you kick start the process. Sign up for free here.


  1. I love this post and am inspired by this line, “Respect your creative energy. If you’re inspired to create or write, but never gave yourself permission to, now’s the time.” I am going to write this out and use it to encourage me and give me permission to respect my creative energy! Thank you so much Debra!

  2. I feel grateful that writing has always been my way of expressing myself. And as it turns out, others have noticed and appreciated it. I always thought I was a left-brain person and as it turns out, my right brain intuitive self has flourished as I have gained years and experience. Music, art, writing…are all a very integral part of my life and how I express myself. I’ve found that sharing ourselves through the arts is a great gift to others too.

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