Your Destiny or Free Will?

by Debra Moffitt, Copyright DM, 2017 arnaud-mesureur-186867.jpg

How often have you wondered about this powerful reflection? Do the things in my life happen to me because they’re meant to — or have I somehow chosen to live through these life experiences? The answers may be easiest if nothing painful or challenging happens, but for most of us, the questions about choice implies a certain level of responsibility and participation in the outcome.

I talked to Amy Weiss, author and wise soul who wrote the novel, “Crescendo.” She also co-authored “Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memoires, with her father, Dr. Brian Weiss. Dr. Weiss is an expert in reincarnation studies and since the age of about one-year old, Amy says she was Divinely Inspired Living Radio(24).pngexposed to ideas about death and the soul’s journey that are not mainstream. She’s aware that the physical body fades, but souls journey from lifetime to lifetime. In her book “Crescendo”, the main character, Aria, plans out her life experiences before she takes on human form. She makes soul contracts about who she will meet in this lifetime and some of the experiences they will share. But once she’s embodied, she can decide to renegotiate the contract. Listen to the full interview here.

The ideas are fascinating and the book interweaves different levels of awareness that awakening souls may become conscious of — departed loved ones who remain near us; animals who love and support us; our connectedness with the Source of all life.

Many wisdom traditions believe we have free will, while others suggest that all is destiny and we’re part of a divine play where all unfolds in its mysterious, perfect way. What do you believe? “Do you create your own reality?” Amy asks. In our interview, she says she believes that we do. What’s your view?


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Copyright Debra Moffitt, 2017



  1. Wonderful question. I believe we have certain ‘assignments’ that we have agreed to (free will, which becomes a commitment) and within that we have tremendous free will in how we respond to what live puts in front of us.

  2. My response is similar to Reba’s. I believe there is a Divine plan, although we always have the power to choose how to respond. This power can change the course of our lives. Sometimes I believe we get some room to play to create whatever we want, as long as it aligns with the bigger picture,Thanks for your blog today Debra!

  3. Hi Debra, I also agree with Lisa and Reba. I feel there is some that is planned out, people we agree to meet and have life lessons with, etc. But then I think there is an element of free will and that is dependent on how much we do wake up and align with our soul and our soul’s gifts. Our reactions and awareness shape our future and I do also believe in the butterfly effect – one change can effect more things than we could ever imagine. Thanks so much for this.

  4. I absolutely believe that we create our own reality. I also believe that our souls live multiple human lives. For me that explains how I know things I’ve never been taught, or recognize a place I’ve never been before, or meet someone for the first time and know that I’ve known them before in another time.

  5. This is a fascinating discussion and I also agree with Reba, Lisa and Jenny that our choices create a tapestry of experience with strands of the universe and divine will woven in. I have so many experiences where serendipity feels like the universe guiding me and recognize that the meaning I attribute to my experience is as powerful as the experience itself. Thank you for sharing your and Amy’s wisdom!

    • Certainly, if one steps away from a chosen reality (or path), life gets harder and obstacles block our progress. When destiny rules, we move through life like a hot knife through butter.’

      • But, choices can decide how we follow that path of destiny. And if we keep ourselves ‘aware,’ we can spot our soul mates to journey together. 🙏

  6. This is the sort of thing I really enjoy pondering — because I have absolutely no idea. However, I do believe that certain “troubles” keep showing up until we learn what we need to learn from them.

  7. Love the question and yes I do believe their is a divine plan and that how it comes into play depends on our own awarness and our responses to what arises for us=lobe brian Weiss’s books thanks xxx

  8. This is an introspective question and discussion for me Debra. Over the years I have understood that the Divine Universe does have a plan for us…Hence “Universal self actualization” …but how far I will allow my self to actualize depends on how I nurture my soul and am able to read the Divine signs.
    Love the post and the comments here!
    xoxo, Z~

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