Power of Words

By Debra Moffitt — Copyright 2017 yoann-boyer-185507

If you love to read or write, you’re probably aware of the power of words. Words paint pictures and transmit a vibration with the images. The best writers create an intentional vibration and share it with readers when they write. This is the alchemy of writing. It’s magical. Think about it. A few forms on the screen (like these) communicate complex concepts to another person in a matter of seconds.

How powerful is that?!

I believe that at some point we will evolve away from writing and be able to communicate solely with images and sounds. This is the way that those of us who are empaths, psychics, and sensitives receive the world. It’s through an instantaneous transmission of energy and vibration that takes the form of images, feelings, and sound.

In the meantime, writing is a key way to communicate important ideas that can It's Leave the Office Early Day(1)transform our world. On my Divinely Inspired Living Radio show, I have guests like Dr. Judith Orloff, who wrote The Empath’s Survival Guide; Dr. Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon who had a near death experience and later wrote, Proof of Heaven; and the amazing Martha Beck, who writes for O, Oprah’s magazine and has written numerous NYT bestselling books.

Each of these people, and the many other authors from Hay House and New World Library, have shared their experiences through their writing. And their books have touched millions of people. The ideas those books have imparted, have changed our views of the world.

This is why I love writing sooo much. And I’d love to help you find your voice. For many people writer’s block is the reason they won’t achieve their writing dreams. I’d like to invite you to join me for the next “Just Write!” a live online workshop using Zoom – to help you discover your voice and move into creative flow.

Your book could be the one that makes a huge difference in the world. But it won’t if it stays inside of you waiting to be written. Even if it touches a few people and helps them, that’s an incredible gift to give to the world. Here’s the link to register for Just Write! on July 8th at 8:30 a.m. EST/2:30 p.m. Paris/Geneva Time Zone.

Copyright Debra Moffitt, 2017.



  1. I love your vision of us evolving into communicating with images and sounds, I also think we will communicate with feelings and vibrations, and expressing ourselves with writing is a way to get there 🙂

  2. I love to write Debra and find it deeply empowering to communicate my truth and experiences! I love this line, “The best writers create an intentional vibration and share it with readers when they write.” I am going to bring more intention to the vibration I am sending. Thank you so much for this inspiring post!

  3. Thanks Debra! I laugh because my blog today was about how I was guided to write a book as a way to bring healing to others, an unexpected gift. I do believe words do hold energy and vibration and have unlimited potential and possibilities to positively effect the world! Thanks for reiterating that and inspiring more!

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