How Sound Elevates Consciousness

By Debra Moffitt – Copyright, 2017 mariana-vusiatytska-141230

Mantras and music have been used by wisdom traditions for millennia as a way to elevate consciousness. But it’s not until recently that we’ve begun to understand how much sound influences us.

I’ve practiced meditation for years and I’ve noticed that the word “Om” has a very harmonizing effect. When I imagine starting with the feet and sounding the vibration from my feet up to my head and repeat this 3 times, the effect is powerfully balancing and grounding.

In the temples in India, chanting or kirtan also served its purpose to elevate the vibrations of my body, mind, and emotions. When the music stopped, sitting quietly in meditation became blissful and easy. This is the power of sound.

On the other hand, sounds that are low frequency, to me feel annoying. Techno music, violent rap, house music can all leave me feeling dispirited and agitated. You may already know that the military has developed sound technology for warfare to drive enemies to surrender.

The vibrations we feel resonate with us — or not. They can uplift us or bring us down. This is why consciously choosing what you listen to can make a big difference in how you feel.

Over the next days start to pay attention to the sounds and music around you. Many stores use music to produce a mood. Maybe a friend chooses to play music with harsh words. Notice how it effects you. When you wake up to the power of sound and use it consciously, your life will never be the same.

Listen in to my conversation with Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell here. Dr.

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Eben Alexander, author of “Proof of Heaven”, shared his experience on the way that sound deeply affected his journey during his Near Death Experience. Since then, he has collaborated with Karen Newell of Sacred Acoustics to share aural experiences with audiences across the U.S. and worldwide. Together they share some of their practices in our interview on Divinely Inspired Living on UnityFM radio today.

Copyright Debra Moffitt, 2017.





  1. How true. Even the earth has a resonance (Schuman Resonance), that we all tune into. Unfortunately geomagnetic resonances from all our electronic and electrical devices does interfere with our basic harmony. People should never choose to live under power lines or next to electrical generating power stations. Even ley lines have a stronger resonance on the Schumann scale as does Sedona in Arizona (a spiritual site for thousands of years). We humans (and animals) and the earth resonate to 7.83 hz. I think it was Nikola Tessla who said that the ‘earth rings like a bell.’ The ‘OM,’ and ‘Tibetan Singing Bowls,’ have tapped into the healing and aspiring resonance of sound that is essential to wellbeing.

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