Messages from Intelligent Life In the Universe

by Debra Moffitt (Copyright Debra Moffitt 2017) Audio download of this interview available on UnityFM.tent-outdoors-dream-unsplash

If there were a civilization in deep space, what messages might they share with us about our own life on earth? Mike Dooley, author best known for his “Messages from the Universe,” spoke with “Frank”, an entity made up of a group of extraterrestrials through a channel. If you’re unfamiliar with Abraham Hicks or other channeled entities, this might be a push for your to broaden your mind about the possibilities of consciousness. Dooley says that it took “Frank” a group of beings similiar to our scientists, a great deal of effort to connect with us, and that they’re motivated by a sincere desire to be of service. Their own planet, Brahoshka, which is light years away, experienced many of the same challenges we’re experiencing today. They aim to share their wisdom and help us along the path.

Dooley, says he keeps asking, “How are we doing?” to make sure we’re not doomed as a planet. But “Frank’s” message remains surprisingly hopeful and upbeat. Instead of putting down humanity for being stupid and destructive, they remark on the great progress we’ve made in the past 200 to 300 years. Their values don’t seem so out of line with our own. Some of them include, self-expression, self-worth, a sense of service to others, compassion, and playfulness. The particularly share their vision of moving beyond technological advances to support a planetary that values science aligned with spirituality.

The book uses a Q&A format, with Dooley asking the questions, but he also allows space for them to ask us a few questions too. Here are a few;

Divinely Inspired Living Radio(13).png
Check out the short interview to download for free here:
  1. Why are you so resistant to change?
  2. Do you realize that what you seek is inside of you?
  3. Have you heard the birds singing today?
  4. What will it take for you to love yourself?

This is a fun book with some wisdom and insights not unlike things you might find in sacred texts of ancient wisdom traditions. If you’re ready to open your mind to broader possibilities, then check it out and give “From Deep Space with Love” a try.

Copyright Debra Moffitt, 2017. No portion of this blog may be reused, reprinted, or copied without prior written permission of the author.



  1. Mike Dooley is great. I get his messages from the universe every day which is wonderful inspiration. Also, have followed Abraham-Hicks for years. Just starting at WordPress and my thoughts are along the same line. Good post!

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