Always in Love

By Debra Moffitt –Copyright, Divinely Inspired Living Media, 2017. Download the audio interview free here.


Great audio interview with Barbara De Angelis free here.

“Don’t look for an angel. Become one.” – Dr. Barbara De Angelis

What if you can be “in love” all of the time? When we think of being “in love” we often think of romance and coupling with someone. When that kind of love arrives, we feel giddy, happy, light. When it leaves, we often feel our mood crash. But what if you love could be in love all of the time?

Author, Barbara De Angelis says, “You can’t really ‘find’ love anywhere else but inside of you. You can find a relationship, but you can’t find love. Feeling love then, isn’t about feeling emotions. It’s about cultivating your inner connection to the divine and to the ultimate field of love.”

Finding love inside and all around us doesn’t always feel easy. But De Angelis suggests coming back to moments during the day when you felt love present. This may be when you’re walking your dog, or watching the sunrise, or seeing your partner smile. Love is always there, all around and within us. Our work is to attune to it vibrationally. One quick and easy way is to ask: “How can I bring more love into the ____? What would that look like?” These magic lines from Barbara’s book, Choice for Love, have the power to shift a situation and uplift the energy around it. It magically opens us to possibility.

Listen in to my conversation on UnityFM with Barbara here.

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  1. After my divorce eons ago, I learned a valuable lesson: in order to find the love of my life, I had to become the love of my life. Best life lesson ever 🙂

  2. Love your interview Debra. And yes I know we can be “in love” all the time by Being Love. Being love is the answer to shifting the world to a higher vibration and one tat supports every living being. Thank you for being a love ambassador Debra! xo

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