Travel to Shift Your Vibe

Text and photos by Debra Moffitt

I love travel. Not all the time, but at certain times when I need a shift in perspective.

At the Boheme Cafe in the Camargue.

Earlier in the year my dad died, I received some rejections, and life seemed a bit grim. My heart yearned for a change of place — just for a little while. So I reserved a fancy hotel in a remote, marsh-side hotel in one of my favorite places in the world — the Camargue.

Located in the South of France with the tiny village, Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, at its center, this sea-side location makes my heart sing. Just being by the sea makes it easier to breathe and relax, and also being surrounded by water birds like the magnificent flamingos, egrets, and cranes is a delight. (DM – copyright.)

The magic of the Camargue is in part due to its legend of the the Mary’s who landed on its shores during biblical times after the death of Jesus of Nazareth. The ancient church there houses relics of the bones of the two Mary’s as well as one of Sara, their servant. Black Sara of Kali dressed in thick robes waits in the crypt of the church where candles flicker. Sara’s the patron saint of the Roma people’s — the gypsies — who come to see her and celebrate every May.  (DM copyright, 2017.)

These sliver arms contain relics of the Mary’s and of Sara. Relics are a sacred bone usually.

In this beautiful Mediterranean location, horses wade across the shallows with people on horseback at sunset and the mara fata, the sea mirages, give the impression that the lighthouse on the dyke or the town are nearer or farther away than they actually seem. If you drop in to say hello to this little village, be sure to check out the Boheme coffee shop near the church. Expect pink flamingo statues on your table and vibrant pillows decorated with Mother Mary.  (DM copyright, 2017.)

Copyright Debra Moffitt, 2017. No portion of this blog post or photos or any text on this site may be reused, copied, or reprinted in any form without prior written permission from the author.



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