The Futility of Fighting Fire with Fire

By Debra Moffitt fire-man-by-peter-john-maridable-from-unsplash

When will humanity learn that fighting fire with fire doesn’t work? Sometimes I believe that Stone Age people were wiser than we are today. They likely needed each other to survive and so made attempts at kindness and connection. That connection helped them in their struggles. But today humanity, and especially those in positions of power act with reckless carelessness as if nothing and no one matters, while saying all the time that they’re attacking some to protect others.

My Buddhist meditation teacher, Sogyal Rinpoche who wrote “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” said, “Putting out anger with anger is like putting out fire with fire.” It doesn’t work. Only calm, clear, coolness can face the challenges and elevate all of us to a better, kinder, more compassionate way of life.  (Copyright Debra Moffitt 2017.)

We are sorely in need of bigger, more open hearts, broader minds, and the ability to wait and examine the truth beneath the gibberish. It does not help that many adults have mont blancgrown up with “dominator” families who only see power in terms of creating fear, threatening violence, and using force. Many video games, TV show, and films support this way of behaving. In many films when a new species is discovered, instead of exploring it with curiosity and seeking to connect with it, the so-called heroes shot it down. Where’s the wisdom in this? How can we have advanced so much technologically and still have closed hearts and behaviors stuck in some outmoded way of living? (Debra Moffitt Copyright, 2017.)


I invite you to reflect — on life, on how to live more in cooperation and partnership with others. We’ve reached such a narrow-minded level of intolerance, but it’s not real. So many more things connect us across the globe than what separates us. Respect diversity, yes, but focus on what brings us together. This is my appeal to you over the next weeks and years. Practice tolerance. Have a sense of humor about yourself. Take a deep breath before you say anything and think twice. Give others the benefit of the doubt — and god forbid, don’t judge others. It’s such a waste of time and energy. Get on with your life and enjoy what’s in front of you right now. Life is really too short to blow on violence, hatred, and intolerance. Sending love and good, light energy to you! (Copyright Debra Moffitt 2017.)

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