“A Global Epidemic of Awakening”

Or Why Things Are Better Than You May Think an Interview with Martha Beck – Audio here.joshua-earle-133254

by Debra Moffitt

Have you noticed that many of the structures in place are no longer working well? Don’t panic! Instead take heart with Martha Beck‘s inspiring views about the changes taking place. This “O” columnist, bestselling author, head of a multi-million dollar life coaching business, and Harvard graduate with a PhD in sociology, calls herself a “woo woo person” who “always believed that sometime in my lifetime I would experience a global transformation of human consciousness.” She writes about this awakening in her new fiction, “Diana, Herself” and tests her ideas in a short video called, “The Pyramid and the Pool: Why things are better than they seem.”

She gives a demonstration of how she perceives the changes taking place. Hint: it’s not about revolution, but about what she calls “dissolution” into a pool of energy. This pool of energy dissolves the top down power structures that have created oppression and destruction of human beings and the natural environment. The shifts naturally give way to more harmony and a better world. But we’ll have to do some inner work to get there. Check out her video below. Listen in on our lively conversation about awakening and the exciting transformations taking place around us on Unity FM Radio – Divinely Inspired Living. Or download on iTunes. Find all of the past interviews with bestselling authors and experts here.

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  1. Today’s world can be challenging to live in right now especially for all you healers, lightworkers, and sensitives out there. But it’s also an amazing time to be here on the planet. Remember you chose to be here at this time to assist in awakening our consciousness to love! Thank you Debra​ for sharing this post at a time when we need to remember our purpose right now.

  2. I love this more empowering meaning of what is currently happening and the transformation of power in order to have more harmony and a better world. We have the power to not stay stuck in the fear and to allow love and compassion to lead us into tomorrow. Thank you so much!

  3. This is so empowering and I see this happening today. This is another reason why it is so vital for us to not be moved by what we see and hear, but to be focused and centered on what we believe and what we are called to bring to this world.

  4. LOVE this sentiment. I couldn’t agree more that there is a definite shift occurring. I am an avid art supporter and have seen it do amazing things. Art is what humanizes us and inspires people to see past the fear and act with love. The rigidity will never be what unites us but with creativity we have a shot! Thank you for posting this!

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you are sharing this message today. And what a beautiful example Martha shares. For me, your post is a true gift. Keep doing what you’re doing! ❤

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