Signs You’re Awakening

By Debra Moffitt  — Check out the short audio interview with Steve Taylor on Unity FM elizabeth-lies-6702here.

Or Why to Keep Faith in a Better Future

When we’re in a narrow state of ego-based living and perception, it’s described  like a sort of sleep. So awakening, according to author of “The Leap”, Steve Taylor, means literally changing states of being to become more expansive, aware, connected, and harmonious.

He writes, “I used to think that spiritual awakening was out of the ordinary — an extremely rare state that is practically impossible to attain, unless you’re prepared to become a hermit and spend decades meditating for hours a day in solitude and silence. . . I was wrong… I came to learn that it doesn’t just happen to Eastern sages but to seemingly ordinary people in all walks of life. ”

Whether awakening happens to you in a religious context or while you’re at work, it could be an unusual and unexpected experience that feels a bit like foundations shifting or dropping away. It’s possible to pass into temporary, but profound states of awakening, or experience sudden and unexpected awakening. Some people return to a lesser state of awareness while others remain permanently awakened. If you’re one of the people who happens to have a spontaneous awakening, it can be confusing. Taylor suggests groups like The Spiritual Emergence Network can be helpful.

A gradual and consistent approach to awakening can be facilitated by prescriptions common across wisdom traditions. They include:

  1. Ethical action.
  2. Purification.
  3. Letting go of attachment.
  4. Selfless service.
  5. Meditation.

Steve writes that we’re going through a global awakening and have been for the past 300 years or so. “Even if this process is a gradual and fitful one — and even if it may appear to be still in its early stages — we appear to be in the process of waking up,” he says. Some of the signs that point to global awakening according to Taylor include: “a growing sense of empathy, compassion and fairness;” “an increasing recognition of the rights of different groups, including animals;” “a reconnection to nature, to the human body, and an openness to sex; “and “a massive (and still growing) upsurge in interest in spiritual philosophies and the spread of spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, and other techniques of self-development.” Check out the short audio interview with Steve Taylor on Unity FM here.

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  1. I’ve been on the spiritual journey all of my life but it is only in the last 15 years that I have really felt the shift inside, and in the last two the shifts have been bigger and more illuminating. I’m excited to see what will be born from all of this awakening.

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