Are You Awakening?

by Debra Moffitt     (Here’s the short audio interview with Steve Taylor, author of The Leap).

When people talk about being awake and awakening, what does that mean? We know that at night most of us sleep. And in the day we wake up. But there’s another level of awakening according to Steven Taylor, author of “Leap”. It’s a sort of spiritual awakening that transcends religions and brings a great sense of peace, contentment, and joy.

Taylor describes different types of awakening from gradual to spontaneous – and he says that we’re going through a global cultural awakening as well.

So what does “awakening” mean? One knows it more by a description of the experience. Taylor uses words like “inner quietness,” “spaciousness”, and “a heightened sense of morre-christophe-121645awareness.” In general those who awaken experience a deeper sense of connectedness to others and to all of creation.

For some people awakening happens gradually. It can be related to steady spiritual practices like meditation, purification, and a simple way of living. For other people it happens spontaneously without any forewarning and this can be disorienting and confusing. Though it has often been associated with religious experience and mentioned in the context of religions, Taylor says that it happens across cultures, religions, and even for the non-religious without prejudice.

He believes that we’re moving toward a worldwide awakening of sorts. Find out more as I interview Steve on “Divinely Inspired Living Radio” which airs on Unity FM.

Divinely Inspired Living Radio
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