Taking Business to A New Level

By Debra Moffittxtj4ztpd__8-angelina-litvin

“The problems we face can’t be solved at the same level of thinking at which we created them,” Einstein said. But what does it mean to reach a new level of thinking in business?  What would organizations look like?”  Walter Danzer, the owner and founder of Soyana, a health products company in Switzerland, has made headway into giving a definition to this new level of thinking and demonstrating how it works. Danzer, a tall, slender marathon runner who looks much younger than his age, created Soyana in 1982 as a response to the growing problems he saw in the world – a lack of resources for a growing population, starvation, the destruction caused by pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in industrial agriculture.  Soyana, established on the outskirts of Zurich, was the first company to produce tofu in Europe and it also created the first soy-based yogurts which are now widely popular.  The company, which exports to Italy and Germany, offers over one hundred organic health foods and products and they regularly develop new ones.

Walter Danzer, Founder of Soyana & Marathon Runner – Photo courtesy of Soyana

Danzer has his own answers to Einstein’s problem.  “The limiting factor for humanity is consciousness,” he said.  “The biggest threat we face is not something outside like running out of oil.  It is our own consciousness.”  As a response, he has instituted meditation as a way of life at Soyana for the past twenty years.  Production stops twice a day – at eleven and three p.m. – and employees take a few minutes to close their eyes and meditate.  He meditates three times a day – mooring, noon and night.  Some of the payoffs are a harmonious and peaceful work environment and a great creativity in terms of product development.

              It works with a set of guiding principles that determine its choices.  These include:

1: Organic Ingredients

2: Purely Vegetarian / Plant-based

3: High Energetic Level

4: Loving Consciousness

5: Gourmet quality & dietary info

6: Loving care for 1000 details

7: Social aspects

Here’s how they describe “Loving Consciousness”. “A meal prepared by a loving mother always tastes better. Today we know that thoughts and feelings are transmitted to the food during preparation and affect the consumer on a subtle level. Therefore the daily practice of cultivating a loving consciousness is an important quality aspect for the Soyana team. Each member leads an integral, healthy way of life, based on meditation, prayer, spiritual music, daily exercise and of course a vegetarian diet. The inner poise and joy flows into the food products and thus strengthens the consumer.”

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