3 Ways to Make Change an Ally

by Debra Moffitt

Wow, 2016 was an interesting ride of a year and one thing’s for certain about 2017 — we’ll continue to see a lot of big changes in politics worldwide, in the economy, and in the climate. But most of us don’t like the uncertainty that change brings, especially when it happens at a very rapid pace. So what can we do? 16qrjudizne-chris-ensey

1) Replace fear with a sense of adventure.
Yes, really! Adventure is fun. It’s like the people who set out to discover the New World. They felt the uncertainty of what they would find. But instead of allowing fear to rule their decisions, I bet that excitement was the driving emotion that accompanied them — with a lot of boredom from long periods of waiting to cross the ocean too! I choose excitement and curiosity over fear any day.

2) Listen to Your Self.

You already know I’m a big fan of intuition and helping others to connect with their own inner wisdom. Intuition is your best friend during times of change. Most of us KNOW when we need to do something. We may often get several nudges to act. In this coming year, it will be more important than ever to learn to listen deeply to yourself and trust your inner guidance and wisdom. But how do you do that?! Check in to make sure what you’re feeling is expansive and not closed down and contracted. The contraction and tightness often means that you’re reacting from a place of fear and not the wisdom and relaxed lightness of intuition.

3) Meditate
I can never say this enough to people. Meditation is the cheapest, best, tool available to expand your mind, increase your intuition, and boost your creativity. It’s the best way to effortlessly problem-solve too. You will simply KNOW what to do.

If you’d like more tools and direct experiences that will help you to boost your self-confidence and inner guidance, be sure to join me at the Sophia Institute Feb. 4-5th for “Making Change Your Ally with Creativity and Intuition” in Charleston, SC, USA.

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  1. The perfect 1,2, 3 punch to anything that would try to hold us back. I love how these ideas dovetail and support each other … and I’m always game for adventure 😉 LOVE this post! ❤

  2. What I’m noticing: I am meditating more consistently (nearly every day) and I find that the practice is making #2 more accessible for me. #1 not so much yet. I still get breathtakingly paralyzed by fear. Guess I’ll keep meditating and see if even that can be transmuted.

    • Hi Sue. Fear was a big one for me too. One of my teachers said to replace fear with love. That’s taken some patient work to do. Wishing you an excellent 2017 and I look forward to seeing more about you.

  3. Debra I love these three strategies for dealing with change! Adventure is a most transformative tool, as is meditation. I find myself meditating multiple times a day, which helps me cultivate the space to listen to how I am feeling and what I need. Since change is a constant and we are in a heightened time of uncertainty, fine tuning our self-nurturing practices to adapt is essential. Thank you so much!

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