Free Holiday Meditation

vtczp-9gvrq-aaron-burdenThe holidays are notorious for pushing people to the limits. It’s a time of year when the body, mind, and spirit want to slow down and take things in, but the whole world seems to be moving faster and pulling us out to socialize, buy gifts, and “get into the holiday spirit.”

The ancient Light meditation is a simple and effective way to come home to yourself and reconnect with your own natural state of peace and calm. It’s a guided meditation that brings in light and many people find it beneficial. You can listen to it here if you need a ten minute break and find guided meditations helpful. Or join us for free live on Sunday, Dec. 11th at 2 p.m. EST (US) and 8 p.m. Paris/Geneva time zones by registering here and mention “Holiday Meditation.”

Sending good energy to you for the holidays! holiday-meditation




  1. I am so committed to my daily meditation especially during the holidays and love that you are offering a Light meditation. We so need to amplify our light in the world at this time and I am grateful for you!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words and the good you do. Every little bit counts and I’m sure meditation sends out waves of good energy in a natural and easy way. Kind thoughts to you and warm holiday wishes.

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