My Simplify Christmas Guide & Holiday Meditation

Simply Christmas & Holiday Meditation Invitarkne63glnao-caleb-georgetion from Wherever You Are

by Debra Moffitt

If you’re anxiously wanting to withdraw into your bubble during the Christmas season rather than rush out into the crowd, welcome to the club! For a few years now I’ve learned to do Christmas differently. Here are some of my survival tricks – and a special invitation to join some meditations so you can tap into your own good energy and thrive during the holidays. (DM*)

  1. Don’t Get Caught in the Rush – There’s a frenetic, chaotic energy that can take over during the holidays. By noticing it, I can decide not to be swept away by it. I do this by sitting down and meditating regularly. I feel my own calm energy. Then when I’m in town listening to the constant Christmas carols, I can clearly notice the difference between my usual, calm energy, and the frenetic, mad push to consume. Then I make a choice to drop down more deeply into my quiet space and observe. I notice the frenetic rush and even appreciate the excitement, but I consciously choose what I want to do and not become swept away in the madness. (DM*)
  2. Take a Walk in the Snow – Instead of spending lots of time in stores and around anxious shoppers, I opt out and head to the mountains for a walk in the snow (or nature if no snow’s around). This brings me back to what’s important. Air, sky, water, beauty, my own soul, and I know that I don’t need things to make me feel loved. All I need to do is love. (DM*)
  3. Appreciate and Accept What Is – And when I have to go and shop and be in the crowds, I’ve learned to do it in small increments, and find the joy. I love walking through the French Christmas markets along the canals in Annecy, and discovering the crafts made by local artists. When possible I choose to give these unique gifts (or make my own — like beautiful photos and writings) rather than buy in heartless mega stores. (DM*)

An invitation – Join me for a free meditation to tap into the holiday joy on Sunday, Dec. 11th at 2 p.m. EST (US) and 8 p.m. Paris/Geneva time zones. We’ll use the Zoom platform where you will see me and connect with other participants and we’ll do the light meditation. The session will last 45 minutes to 1 hour with a check in and a chance to share your experience about the holidays and the group meditation. Spaces are limited and available on a first come first served basis. Please register in advance here and mention the Holiday Meditation.

Copyright Debra Moffitt, Nov. 2016. No portion of this post, or any posting on this blog site may be used, reprinted, copied into another blog post or used in any form without prior written consent of its author, Debra Moffitt.



  1. Over the years I’ve learned to not buy into the Christmas obligations and overwhelm. I do what feels right and then I go into BEing mode. I’m not a big fan of walking in the snow (except the first snowfall, then I go take pictures) so 4 days after Christmas, I’m heading to Key West to walk in the sand 🙂

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