Dream Time: Inspired Creative Life through Dreaming

I love dreams. When I first left the corporate world to write full time, I committed to listening to dreams for guidance. They opened up a world where past, present, and future blurred. I was able to meet with departed souls, living souls in other parts of the world, and also to see into future events. Dreams taught me that we are vast and function on many levels. If you decide to pay attention to your dreams, they can open up these other worlds in a safe way.  light-over-water-dreams

Internationally renowned author and dreamer, Robert Moss, says, “A dream is an awakening.” Three times dreams have brought precognitive warnings that he says saved his life. I interviewed him on his dream experiences and his suggestions for those who want to work more with this highly creative state of consciousness. He gives us some playful and intriguing reflections on using the “in-between” state before sleep, and using the spectrum of safely and naturally altered states of consciousness. Listen to the short interview on Divinely Inspired Living at UnityFM here: http://bit.ly/2fQgVo9

Happy dreaming!

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  1. I love dreams and dreaming, too. A few vivid dreams have ended up as poems in my book, “Can’t Die Mom.” One in particular was a dream that showed me a future event in my life that came true. 🙂

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