Make Others Successful – Isaac Tigrett

“Spirituality is not something that you practice once a day in meditation or once a week in church. It’s every moment.” – Isaac Tigrett, Founder of Hard Rock Cafe and House of Blues hrc_all-is-one

by Debra Moffitt

Almost everyone has heard of the Hard Rock Cafe. With it’s motto, “Love All, Serve All.” Founded on practices of treating customers with care and employees with loving kindness, it became a cultural phenomenon. Founder, Isaac Tigrett, started the company at the age of 22 in London. Human values created the foundations of the business. He uses words like “dignity,” “love,” “non-violent thinking,” and “peace at work” in talking about the work environment. “As a boss, your job is to make other people successful — whether you’re an area manager with 4 or 5 people working for you, or like me with thousands working for you. You belong to them, they don’t belong to you,” Tigrett says.

He encourages business people to put things into perspective. “Money is a by product of doing something you enjoy very very well. If you put money first, then it’s like ice. You’ll be dominated by negative forces,” he says. After his sale of the Hard Rock Cafe, Tigrett used the funds to create a Super Specialty Hospital in India. This 500 bed state-of-the-art medical institution is a temple of healing. I’ve visited it (in a visit organized by Dr. Safaya, the Director) and it is the most peaceful and beautiful hospital I’ve seen. Isaac now lives in India.

He says we live in difficult times and his advice to everyone right now: “Take time to be kind.” Listen to the whole interview to hear this inspiring interview on my radio show, Divinely Inspired Living on Unity FM and on iTunes.

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  1. I loved meeting Isaac Tigrett through your interview, Debra. It is so inspiring to see someone do good by being good, living his values and making such a beautiful contribution to the world. A true inspiration – thank you so much!

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