What Happens Next? Near Death Experiences and Beyond

Do you believe life has a purpose or that anything happens next– after death? Even spiritual minded people struggle with seeing beyond society’s largely materialistic view.  Dr. Eben Alexander, III’s, Author of “Proof of Heaven” had a Near Death Experience (NDE) that completely changed his perspective on the purpose of life and what we’re here for. He now calls life a “soul school” where we can learn lessons. In this school of life the biggest lesson humanity is here to learn is about love. That love means a deeper sense of interconnectedness with ourselves and others. dr-eben-alexander

Alexander didn’t always have this perspective. Despite a father with deep faith, his own views about God and spiritual life were agnostic. He became a successful neurosurgeon who worked at Harvard and later moved to Virginia. Himself a father of two children and in love with his wife, he valued his family and lived well.

Then, at the age of 54, his life path took a tremendous turn that started with a painful infection of the brain. During his 7 days in a coma, Alexander lived through experiences in another realm that he calls more “real” than anything in this material world. His words about his experiences echo those of ancient mystics and sages. He speaks of a consciousness in all living things, an experience of unconditional love, and a step beyond fear. His experience with the divine in that other realm also mirror what the ancient mystics have said. It’s formless. There’s a sense of being one with everything. There’s a deep sense of peace, bliss and well-being beyond what we know in our physical form.

But no need to die or have a near death experience (NDE) to experience a deeper awareness and unconditional love. He uses daily meditation, mantra and centering prayer, and sound to shift vibrations and states of being. Find out more in this 25 minute interview I did with him recently on Unity FM or on iTunes.com.

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