Mysteries of Fall and Samhain

“I think that many of us have ancestors who are spiritual guides.” – Signe Pike

A photo by Oscar Keys.
Mystery of the In-between. Photo by Oscar Key,

Do you feel an excited anticipation and a sense of mystery linked to this time of year? Halloween, on Oct. 31st, and All Saints Day, on November 1st, find their roots in ancient Celtic traditions. It’s a time where the veils between the material world and the more subtle, invisible worlds of spirits and ancestors are said to be more apparent and close to us.

It’s a time when the light half of the year wanes in the Northern Hemisphere, and the darkness grows. In Northern countries like Sweden, the days shift from very long to very short. Night falls early and remains long. This time of year was one for sacred celebration in Celtic tradition, a time to honor the ancestors and appease the dead who may have felt wronged. Masks were worn by the living who celebrated this time as a way to hide from demons, according to Signe Pike, author of “Faery Tale.”

Connect with Your Ancestors

If you’re drawn to the excitement of Halloween, you might like to try taking a deeper step into its deeper traditions. In the interview with Signe on “Divinely Inspired Living” radio on Unity FM, Signe suggested creating a space in your home to honor the ancestors. She believes that they remain with us as supports and guides in this lifetime, and we can feel their presence if we’re open to it.

A curious thing about the spirit world: when you begin to open up and use your intuition, you feel the presence of the invisible beings. Signe suggests surrounding yourself in a bubble of white light as a protection before delving into any explorations with the unseen world. Like people, not all spirits are kind and good.

Check out the full interview with Signe Pike about “The Opening Between Worlds” for this fun conversation about Halloween, Samhain (in the Celtic tradition), and the spirit world!

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