Why Do We Reincarnate?

By Debra Moffitt

Do you ever have flashbacks to other time periods or feel drawn to certain times in world history? These are likely linked to places and times where you’ve lived before. Reincarnation is an ancient principle present in many wisdom traditions. It was in the ancient Christian texts, says Dr. Eben Alexander III, author of Proof of Heaven, and was later removed. But for Dr. Alexander, reincarnation is a no-brainer. It simply exists. But our very materialistic modern and narrow-minded world refutes it.

Photo by Debra Moffitt, Buddhist Temple, Mt.

“The brain is not the seat of consciousness,” Dr. Eben Alexander says. We are something far more vast. Research about reincarnation proves that we retain memories beyond the brain, Dr. Alexander says. Many studies by Dr. Ian Stevenson, who founded the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia, and others like Jim Tucker, and Brian Weiss, reveal information about reincarnation related to children and their past life memories. One of the  most fascinating parts of the research, to my mind, was the photo evidence of people who reincarnate and how many of them keep a very similar appearance from lifetime to lifetime.

I’ve experienced recall of many events and people from past lives through inner vision and also sometimes as I talk with people, I see the image of who they were in a past life transposed over their own faces. Edgar Cayce said he’d had similar experiences. I’m convinced the images appear to provide beneficial information and help in understanding a situation. Life is a soul school, Dr. Alexander says. And we’re here to learn about unconditional love.

One woman talked to me about her aims for coaching and helping others. Her attitudes were quite zealous and overbearing. She felt sure that she had the answers for others — and the authority to impose her views of what would be right for them. As she spoke, I saw the face of who she had been in a recent past life. The face, similar to her own in this life, wore a white head covering. She had been a mother superior in a convent. The woman clearly was carrying over her memories and experiences from that past life and working through them in this lifetime. She wanted sincerely to help others, but her methods aimed to force people to change and “heal” as she called it, according to her prescription. As we talked, I asked the woman if she wanted to know more about where her strong attitudes came from. When she said, “Yes,” I told her about her previous life as a mother superior. “I know I’ve been a nun,” she said without surprise.”I know that’s true.”

We carry the past life memories and attitudes within us. By using meditation and self-inquiry, we can become aware of those attitudes and memories and bring them to light so that we may change and evolve them in constructive and beneficial ways. Very often, when we reincarnate in soul groups, particularly family groups, people will respond to us based on their past life memories of our relationship with them in another lifetime. So if people ridiculed and bullied you in that past life, they will often unconsciously repeat the same behaviors.

While we can’t always make a difference in how others react to us, we can become aware of our own attitudes and behaviors and change them. I’ve also found that it’s very important to detach, forgive, and let go of those people. If we don’t it’s highly likely we’ll be confronted with these same people in a future lifetime. The Buddhist tradition symbolizes the idea of reincarnation in its symbol the wheel — which gives a sense of continually cycling through stages again and again. Until, some say, we choose to step out of the cycle or get off of the merry-go-round.

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  1. For me, as it is for you, this is also a given. Nice to see someone speaking about it! I recently wrote an article that was published in elephant journal about how this relates to our beloved pets (“Stop Euthanizing Pets”) – from people’s comments I could see that this is still a very foreign concept. Best wishes!

  2. I do believe in reincarnation and have had a few experiences in the past. Whether your patterns are in this lifetime or a previous one, awareness and choice brings healing. Thanks for your post.

  3. Great article Debra! I’m so in sync with your message here but it’s important that we share this information with others. thank you for doing so exquisitely ❤

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