Do You Have a House Elf?

Remember Dobby, Harry Potter’s house elf? Signe Pike, author of “Faery Tale” says that there’s a long tradition of house elves and a respect for their presence.providence-doucet-unsplash

In Scottish legend house elves are called, “brownies.” It’s believed you feel their presence through an added boost of energy to help tidy up around the house. Signe Pike, author, was an editor at Random House and Penguin before setting out on her journey to discover faeries, elves, trolls, and the invisible worlds and history behind them. Her dog, who looks like Dobby, may be a house elf, she says.

Since I first saw, Harry Potter’s, Dobby, I wondered if I had a house elf too (or several actually). Sometimes I feel them around, bringing in good energy and cheering me on. (They seem to prefer tidy spaces to mess!)

A curious thing about the spirit world and connecting with it–when you begin to open up and use your intuition, you can feel the presence of invisible beings. Signe suggests surrounding yourself in a bubble of white light as a protection before delving into any explorations with the unseen world. Like people, not all spirits are kind and good. So take care to make sure you call in the highest and best energies for guidance and help.

If you have a house elf, how would you like it to help you?

Check out the full interview with Signe Pike about “The Opening Between Worlds” for this fun conversation about Halloween, Samhain (in the Celtic tradition), and the spirit world!

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  1. I love the concept of a House Elf. It’s so magical and endearing to think that an Elf or two is here, nudging me lovingly along in my home. Thank you for writing this blog post! =)

  2. Fun! I have a friend who wrote a book about ELF>>> Eternal Life Force. You could say that’s another way of expressing these house energies. I have a TO DO LIST for my team of House Elves. lol

  3. When in Ireland I learned that not all fairies are good fairies 🙂 Especially the puka fairies. But yes – my home is imbued with energy and spirit. And I hear the energy after a good clean that whispers, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” 🙂

  4. What a fascinating topic, Debra. Thank you for this interview. I loved hearing about how our ancestors are here to help guide us. Of course they would – they love us 🙂
    I also resonated with how the spirit world often communicates to us through nature. I particularly feel Divinely inspired when I’m in nature.

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