Trust Your Intuition

“There is only one journey — going inside yourself.” — Rainer Maria Rilke

Anyone who tells you they have your answers is taking away your power. It’s great to receive support. Great to feel encouraged and guided. It’s wonderful to receive affirmation from others. But the true teacher, the true path is the one that leads you into your own self-understanding.

Collage by Debra Moffitt

When you align with your world, your inner world from the deepest, most soulful perspective, your world will shift. This move is a choice that invites you into an intuitive world view — one that embraces your own inner power and wisdom. “The externalization of truth keeps us on a tread mill of confusion, doubt, and anxiety,” writes Carol Adrienne in Penney Peirce’s book, “The Intuitive Way”.

Connecting with intuition is about becoming more true to yourself. You can only do that by trusting your inner life and becoming your own best friend. The time of others teaching us to follow their way, the time of following the crowd for safety and protection, the time of linear thinking and five year plans have all come to an abrupt end.

“Your intuitive ability increases when your world view supports growth, connectedness, and trust,” Peirce writes. I find the best and only way I can truly connect with others is to start with myself. If I’m not connected to what I’m feeling, and to my experience in the present moment, I can’t make a difference in the world.

On my radio show, “Divinely Inspired Living” on Unity FM, I talked with Peirce about coming back to what she calls my “home frequency”. I find it usually when I’m sitting quietly first thing in the morning in meditation or deep contemplation. I check in. Feel my body. Feel how I feel. Feel my spirit and my energy. Feel alive. I set my intention for the day, and then surrender it to the Divine or Higher Will and release it. At night, before going to bed, I return to my “home frequency” and sit in meditation again. This space is vital to me for allowing, observing my experiences, and simply resting and re-energizing.

Like to know more? You can download the radio show, “Intuition for Practical Guidance and Clarity” with Penney at Unity FM and on iTunes and many other places. It’s free and aimed to inspire you with ways to connect with your own wisdom, passion, and purpose. I’d also like to invite you to join the “Trust Your Intuition” workshop where we meet online in a small group and one on one to support you in connecting with your own intuition. I also give intuitive sessions via Skype or in person to help you see your bigger picture.

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  1. Thank you Barb. So glad you liked it. Empowering people is what its all about. (PS: I just figured out how to comment on your posts. I’d not seen the “comments” before. Good wishes!

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