Meditate to Create Space for Something Better

Sonia Choquette is a living example of the power of meditation. A New York Times bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and respective intuitive, she has used the power of meditation since the age of fifteen for guidance and to “create space for something better than my fears.”  night-sky

Meditation has contributed to her resilience during times of crisis. In an interview with her on my Divinely Inspired Living show on Unity FM, she said Sonia says, “I write from the trenches. I’ve had so many personal challenges and losses and these have been difficult to deal with on a emotional level, but having this practice of meditation has allowed me always to stay in touch with my soul [and to trust] that my soul and my higher power have a plan. And it’s a better plan than my emotional and my personality self would have. By meditating I keep the space to listen for guidance rather than to be demoralized. It’s given me courage to make a lot of dramatic changes, including moving to Paris which was always a dream of mine.” (Listen to or download the full interview here on Unity FM or on iTunes.)

I agree with Sonia. I used meditation at the age of 15 too, when I discovered I had a stomach ulcer. Stress and worried had caused it, but I committed to daily meditation to calm my mind. I knew that my mind had caused the illness and so facing my inner life and sitting quietly could heal me. It did. With in a very short time, the ulcer disappeared. I continue to use meditation as an anchor everyday to create the space to receive inspiration, to listen to my inner guidance, to feel what’s going on and to know what actions to take. So I prescribe meditation as a great remedy for most of what ills humankind. Give it a go. Find a way in that works for you. You will learn by doing.

Happy meditating!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece on the power of meditation. It’s my link to my divine source and I use it to guide and create space in my life as well.

  2. It’s not just in your head either! I recently read a study from Stanford University that said 20 minutes of meditation can reduce pain up to 40%. Compare that with over the counter pain medication only reduces pain 25% pretty cool if you ask me 😃

  3. I found meditation 13 years ago, right before I turned 40. It’s served me well and taught me to tune inward to listen and pay attention. Walking meditation is my go to way when I’m noodling on something. I’ve come up with loads of creative ways to solve challenging work problems 🙂

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