Clairvoyance: Seeing What’s There

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. Many people who come to me for intuitive sessions already know what’s going on at deeper levels, but they’re not fully conscious of it. When I confirm their suspicions that the man they love isn’t divorced, that one of their children isn’t really a saint, or that they need to change a lifestyle habit, there’s no wide-mouthed stare, but rather a nod of knowing. They already know — and usually events that follow on after our sessions bring clear proof. In many cases, I hear people say, “I only wanted to see the good.”  (dm*) p1070572

It’s wonderful to look for the good in situations. It’s self-deceptive to only see good when other things are right before your eyes.

Early on when I committed to using my intuition to be of service, I learned not stick to what I want to see. See what’s there. The big voice of intuition came booming at me one morning after I’d experienced a very hurtful situation with a man. It said, “Pay attention to details!”

When I sit down to do an intuitive reading with someone, I actually don’t have any expectations, not even the expectation that I’ll receive information. I simply allow and listen.

Here are a few fast and easy rules to help you trust your intuition. I call them “rules” but they’re really principles of self-respect to help you see beyond your desired view of the world. Intuition brings us a lot of information and much of it will differ from what we “want to see”. (DM*)

Rule number one is, “Pay attention to details.

Rule number two is “Trust Your Hunches”.

Rule number three is “Meditate”.

I’d love to hear about how you work with your intuition in the comments section below. If you’d like some information to confirm or provide more details about a life situation, I’m happy to help. You can book a session here to learn more both about your situation, and I always encourage you to trust your own intuition as well. My aim is always to empower and encourage you to rely ultimately on your own best wisdom that comes from within. Here’s some info about my training. And a link to my upcoming workshop, “Trust Your Intuition.”

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  1. I’ve been hearing lately that meditating can help you tune into your intuition better. I can understand why – learning how to notice the mind chatter can probably help you to distinguish it from your inner voice.

  2. Hi Debra, I love what you write about seeing what’s there. I believe that seeing the good is a beautiful approach to life, yet, of course, we must see what’s there and base our actions on what is, in order to find the paths that lead to the best results.

  3. Pay attention to the details…as a big picture, big idea, big vision person, paying attention to the details is something I’m learning to, well…pay attention to. I listen to my intuition – she never lies. She always steers me in the right direction and she loves it when I’m clear on what and who I want in my life. xxoo

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