“Disruption” Is an Invitation

A short time ago, a guy asked me for the place to take the shuttle to Geneva Airport. I’d done it so many times that I pulled out my shuttle schedule and pointed him to the exact spot where the bus usually left. The man needed to travel early to the airport the next day and I reassured him that all usually worked with the bus departing from the place where we stood. I felt confident, even though the ticket box office looked closed. The next day I read the location had just changed! I felt horrified and hoped he’d found out and made his flight. (*DM)

Photo by Peter John Maridable. Thank you!

We can’t count on the “usual” any longer. Things keep changing and this pace of change is going to continue at an ever increasing pace. So how do we manage? If you’re used to “same-old, same-old” and routines, if this is what you like then you may feel uncomfortable or even angry when the shuttle bus office and bus stop move. But get used to it.  (*DM)

Here are some ways to work with disruption so that you can move along with ease. I’m sure you already know this, so this is just a little reminder to soothe your rational mind which clings to structure, institutions and a “this-is-the-way-I’ve-always-done-it” mentality. (*DM)

Here goes:

  1. Listen deep before you act or react. I can’t stress enough just how important it is to sit in meditation and feel your own soulful vibe even before you step out in the morning. This is your “home zone”. The place that feels right and good beneath the chatter and distractions. If you can’t stop and need to check in while you’re out in the world, quickly tune in to your “home zone”, that place where you feel good and right and see what feels right as the next step.
  2. Ask your inner, soulful self for guidance. If you’re not sure about what to do next or if a situation will be safe or not, then tune into to your “home zone” (which author, Penney Peirce calls your “home frequency”), surround yourself with a protective mantra or prayer or a circle of pure white light, and ask. Even if you don’t hear or sense a clear answer, trust that you’ll be guided.  (*DM)
  3. Don’t always go with the “usual”. If you fall back to “this is what I usually do, so it must be OK” then go deeper. Maybe it is still OK, but maybe you’re relying on habit. Habit can save some time, but it can also prevent us from hearing the voice of intuition when we’re being nudged to take a different route (which ends up being blocked off unexpectedly) or sending us someplace unfamiliar but just right for where we need to be. There is no “usual” in quite the same way anymore. Expectation of the “usual” prevents us from hearing and feeling what we really need to do.
  4. Replace fear with Love. Author, Phyllis Krystal, was trapped on a flight in India some years ago face to face with hijackers. They threatened and shot several passengers. When she asked her inner guidance what to do, she heard, “Send Love.” She said, “I can’t. Send Love through me.” She escaped safe and sound. (*DM)

Sending good energy to you and good wishes that you will go safely and enjoy the ride.

Like to learn more about how to work with your intuition and listen to your inner wisdom? Join me for upcoming workshops and retreats.

Copyright Debra Moffitt, 2016. No portion of this post or blog may be copied, reused in print or on the Internet in any way without prior written permission. Happy reading!





  1. Sometimes I read things and I just feel more energized and happy and I felt this way after reading this post. Beautifully written. I especially love the the section “ask your inner, soulful self for guidance”. So much positivity and joy. Thank you ❤

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