Soul-Surfing Waves of Change

by Debra Moffitt

If you’ve been stuck in a relationship that’s not right for you or in a job that doesn’t fit anymore, the disharmony between you and the things that don’t fit will be magnified. It maybe time to take heart and commit to big change. surfing

In recent intuitive readings, I see a pattern where many people are feeling a growing divide between who they are and aspire to be, and where they are in relationships and jobs. (DM*)

The vibe when tuning in feels like a chasm, a distinct split between energies at different levels. If you’ve been doing inner work, cleaning up your inner trash, clearing away the gunk of bad feelings like envy, jealousy, and fear, then your vibrational frequency,  your energy will likely feel light, vibrant, pulsating. But, if your partner continues to dive into materialistic living with greater gusto for financial irresponsibility and addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex (likely not with you), and work, then you may be feeling a huge dis-ease in his or her presence. You may no longer be able to stay in the same place for long or sleep in the same bed. (DM*)

The same thing happens at work. You may have known for awhile that you’re no longer in a place or with colleagues that fit who you are now. The discomfort you feel (you’re likely the sensitive one!) will likely guide you to change jobs — or if you wait — they’ll push you out.

The Universe seems to demand that we align with who we really are now! No more pretending to be someone we’re not. No more half way commitments. Time to bring light into the situation and commit.

What keeps people from changing even when they KNOW it’s time to go?

  1. Comfort levels. People like to stay in the zone of the familiar and known. When they make a change and leave a partner or a job, they step out of the yucky, but familiar energy, into the uncomfortable and adventurous unknown new job, or relationship.
  2. Old Beliefs. We grow up with certain beliefs. Many of those beliefs stay with us from an early age and remain unconscious. Were you schooled by Catholic nuns who played on guilt? Beliefs about loyalty (to a partner or a job) may override our own sense of loyalty to our own well being. The best place to find guidance is to check in using meditation and spend some time alone in silence.
  3. Habit. Habits are the lazy person’s way to walk through life half asleep.
  4. FEAR. Fear rules many people’s lives. Solution? In your meditation or inner reflections, face your worst fears. See how you feel when you drop the weighty relationship or shift into a new job.
  5. Lack of Self Confidence. The word “confidence” comes from Latin and literally mans “with faith.” Do you have faith in your Self? The best way to create faith if you don’t have any is to develop a good relationship with your Self. (DM*)

*Copyright Debra Moffitt 2016. No portion of this blog, post, or any writing on this site may be reused, copied, or printed without prior written permission from the author, Debra Moffitt. Contact for permissions.




  1. Great piece Debra! The universe is giving us plenty of energy to change now. FEAR is the biggest obstacle to change in the clients I work with. I tell them yes, it is scary to change, YOU CAN DO IT and I am here to help.

  2. Been there done that in both my career and first marriage. I literally started over from scratch in order for inner and outer to be in alignment.

    Today I feel the major energy shift. It’s powerful and disruptive. There’s another change coming.

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