3 Steps to Trust Your Intuitive Guidance

Photo by Debra Moffitt – Sea of Ice at the foot of Mont Blanc.

by Debra Moffitt

When you commit to paying attention to intuition, it will often push you into a place beyond your comfort zone. Listening to inner guidance requires courage. It means paying attention to what’s really going on — and seeing through the illusion of what you want to believe in like a fairy tale.

The guidance that intuition brings may push you to try a new job, stretch you into new creative projects, and sometimes move you to new places. One woman, a dedicated writer,  lived in New York, but over several years her dreams kept pointing to a move to Colorado. She says she worked in marketing, but a series of events occurred which acted like questions from the Universe that said, “Have you had enough yet? Are you ready to move now?” Jennie (not her real name) says, “I really wasn’t ready, but it quickly became clear that if I didn’t get ready really fast my life was bound to get harder.”

“I took a week off to get clear on what to do. During that week, I reflected and a plan opened up for me. After realizing I had a strong pull to go, I moved to New Mexico. I was guided to a general area that felt right and after 3 calls, I rented a house. It was all done over the phone. Within 3 days I was living in the new state. I had no idea what work I would do, how I would make a living or even what the area was like. It took a huge leap of faith but, thirteen years later I am still living on that same piece of property where I built a house.”

Intuition is there to protect and guide. It’s really like our best friend who’s always looking out for us and wanting the best possible outcome. But we have to pay attention, listen, and act on its guidance.That guidance often comes through a very still and subtle voice.

I asked Jennie “How do you reconcile the difference between what your intuition nudged you to do and the part of you that argued to be rational and reasonable?”

She said, she knew from an early age she was clairvoyant. But her family discouraged it when she was growing up. But experience taught her to pay attention and trust her intuition. “Throughout my life I found, when I listened to my intuition and did what I was told, things went really smoothly. When I resisted, there were many obstacles, and alot of pain and struggle.”

She pays attention to her state of being to know what’s right. “When I’m in resistance to intuition’s urging  get very depressed and sad. I start feeling physically ill and things around me malfunction. Due to the intense lessons I’ve endured, I know better than to resist Spirit now.”

Life becomes very exciting and fulfilling when we have faith in that intuitive inner guidance. It becomes peaceful, joyful and ever expanding.

So here’s the process:

  1. Notice if you’re beginning to feel dissatisfaction and an urge to make a change. Sit with it. Walk with it in nature. Ask for guidance.
  2. Listen. Listen. Listen. – Listen to your own inner wisdom. How does your body feel about acting on the guidance? How do you feel when you move deep within or imagine standing on a hill top with a broad perspective of the options?
  3. Reflect in silence. What do you feel guided to do? Note that sometimes what feels comfortable isn’t always the same as what feels right. Ending a bad relationship, moving to a new place, changing jobs, all move us out of our comfort zones. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and see what arises. Do you feel concern? Excitement? Worry? Fear? Go deeper. Stand on that mountain peek again and see how you feel. If things don’t feel clear, then maybe it’s simply not time. So be patient and observe more.
  4. Trust that you’ll know what to do and ask for guidance from the highest and most elevated Source.

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  1. What a wonderful reminder to trust our inner voice. I love the call to create silence, be in nature and reflect. We can surround ourselves with so much noise that we drown out our inner voice. It is in silence that we find answers.

  2. Great post, Debra. I love what ‘Jenny’ says: “when I listened to my intuition and did what I was told, things went really smoothly. When I resisted, there were many obstacles, and alot of pain and struggle.”

    I guess when people understand they can do it the easy way or the hard way, it starts to make more sense! It’s beautiful that you are helping others tune in to their inner knowing.

  3. I have been focusing on this recently. I have realized I have good intuition and when I don’t listen to it I have catastrophic results in my life. Thanks for sharing your process.

  4. Absolutely love this post Debra. In fact intuition is the topic of my next podcast, which will go live on 9/12. Right now, my intuition is telling me to rest and not accept new projects. My inner guidance is encouraging me to be okay with being adrift and feeling untethered. I’m listening and paying attention!

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