When Habits No Longer Work – Trust Intuition

It’s time to replace habit with intuition.

By Debra Moffitt

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Creating habits can save time and be helpful. Habits bring a sense of comfort – like having a coffee everyday or parking always in the same space. Habit brings expectation that things will remain the same. But what happens when things change? It creates frustration and a lack of flexibility.

BigĀ  companies are predicting disruption on many levels in the coming years. The world seems to be experiencing everything from inclement weather to power outages and even predicted food shortages. Relying on habit may not be the best bet when it comes to facing big changes on unprecedented levels.

But innovation and relying on intuition is! Relying on intuition means paying attention to a wisdom greater than the usual level of mind we work from. Intuition protects, forewarns, provides information about things that you likely cannot get through other channels. It’s your best friend. When you pay attention.

Here’s an example. Geneva Airport experienced a bomb scare recently. But a friend wanted to travel for holiday. She’d felt it would be okay and that she should go despite a family member’s protests. But a mix of confusion, fear, anxiety, and holiday rush of packing and getting the family ready made it difficult to pay attention to that inner voice.

She popped me a quick note in the morning before deciding and I tuned in for her intuitively. Even before I finished the Gayatri mantra that I chant to prepare myself to listen during intuitive readings, I heard, “Safe passage.” This isn’t a term I would normally use and I knew it was meant for her, so I passed it along with the caveat that it’s ideal to always check in with one’s own intuition, even with this kind of information. She still felt some anxiety, but headed to the airport.

Later in the evening, it came to light that the bomb scare was a hoax! A woman who did not want her ex (or almost ex husband) to leave on vacation with his new girlfriend and her own kids, called in a bomb alert. But there was no bomb. It was only a hoax. A prank. A joke that the woman ended up paying dearly for with criminal charges.

And my friend who was traveling with her family hadn’t cancelled her trip. Instead, she and her kids all boarded their plane as planned and arrived safely at their destination to start their vacation. They experienced a “safe passage”.

So this is one of many reasons to tap into your intuition. And sometimes – when you don’t feel that you can hear your own inner voice clearly, calling on a trusted intuitive can help to dispel confusion and bring clarity. My friend wrote, “I just read the blog post and it’s great! It’s exciting to see this in writing. What an extraordinary experience it was! Your insight & intuition really helped to put my mind to ease and to trust my own feelings.I do readings by phone or Skype and offer mini rates for one or two short questions and charge more for one hour. Or, if you’re inspired to go deeper into developing your own intuition, join me with a small group for a 4 week live online and in-person class in November with to “Trust Your Intuition for Self-Confidence.”

In the meantime, enjoy the power of your intuition and soar!

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