Could that Relationship Be Past Life Karma?

Do you believe in past lives? If you’ve ever had an experience of déjà vu, or a sensation of having met someone before even though it’s the first time, you may be experiencing a past life connection. That connection can feel sticky and heavy, or it can feel like a celebration and a homecoming.   P1040563

Why does it matter? Awareness of past life connections can help us to understand the many layers of a situation. For example, if you feel an unusually strong connection with someone from the start that could be linked to jealousy and attachment, it may have roots in the past. Often, we reconnect with people from previous lifetimes as a way to grow beyond these attachments and free ourselves of the bonds. If we don’t do it this time, then we may return and meet that same person again. One man in an unhealthy relationship found breaking up with his girlfriend virtually impossible and each time she dragged him back, like a slave, which he had been to her in a past life.

But past life connections are not necessarily negative. They may also create solid foundations for a good partnership that will support us in creating a new business, a family, or project. Being aware of the connection can help you to understand the underlying foundations of your relationship and let go of unhealthy attachments if they exist.

How do you know if it’s a past life connection?

Some clues about past life connections with people can be found in initial contact. How do you feel when you first meet someone? A natural curiosity is normal. A total aversion or a mad passion for someone you’ve just met may indicate a connection with roots deep into the past. If strong feelings arise, pay attention and sit with them in silence to become aware of them. At other times, you may not become aware of the strong connection until much later.

Some ways to discover it.Buddha Annecy partial face with smiile Oct 2015

If you’re feeling there may be a connection to someone with roots in other lifetimes, some ideal ways to find out include sitting in quiet meditation and paying attention to dreams. Meditation creates a space of open awareness where you can hold the question in your heart momentarily and then ask for more information. Trust that it will come, if it will benefit you.

Dreams offer guidance and insights about past lives as well. Pay attention especially to dreams where the locations and costumes are set in another era. They can give good information about the past life context of your relationship and help you to grow and expand beyond the challenges and attachments it may present.

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