What Will Replace Plastic Bags?

By Debra Moffitt

When France’s July 1st end to single use plastic bags came into effect, the world didn’t end. In fact, it got a little closer to nature. Shops have been gearing up for the deadline and A few months ago as I unpacked my fresh fruits and veggies from their thin transparent bags, I wondered what would take the place of the plastic that virtually every shop used.  P1170865

My local organic food shop set the example by replacing plastic bags with starch-based biodegradable ones. The nearly transparent bags look and feel very similar to plastic. But when they’re tossed out, they quickly disintegrate. Like magic — or rather like nature naturally does to natural products that respect the natural life cycle.

We’re in a state of affairs where most of us realize that the status quo can’t continue and we need to find ways to live in harmony with nature and each other. I was very pleased and surprised to see that there are many, readily available alternatives to plastic. And they will surface more and more as laws take effect and we give them a chance. P1170868

The alternative and better means are right there, waiting for us to adopt them. All we have to do is make a way for them to become a welcome part of our lives. Imagine energy produced in new and different ways that don’t rely on fossil fuels or nuclear fuel. Imagine a total shift in attitude where, instead of a consumer society, we become a society based on human values and respect.

As old doors shut, embrace the new doors and open them. Let some light in and bring more promise and harmony to your world. Give a damn.

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