What If You Can’t Die?

by Debra Moffitt

Do you ever think about death and what happens when people die? Our society likes to pretend that death doesn’t exist and most people fear it. But when my abilities to perceive people who had passed on began to develop, I quickly learned a very important lesson.

Photo by Steinar La Engeland from Unsplash.com

No one dies.  Ok, you’re probably saying, “How can that be?”

When people pass, they remain pretty much the same as before they left, except – they no longer have a body. Their personalities, likes and dislikes don’t change much.

The truth is, we are energy. The bodies we wear are like clothes. When they wear out, we leave them behind. But the energy or the spirit or soul or personality that inhabited that body, continues.

For the most part, the individual spirit feels very much the same after they shed their body. They usually maintain their essential characteristics. If they were warm and funny, before they left their bodies, that’s who they are when they pass. If they were grumpy or despondent or primarily angry most of the time when they lived on earth in a body, then they will feel that way once they pass as well.

“Death is not the end. It’s more like changing clothes. The truth is, we are energy.” – Debra Moffitt, Author and Medium

Suicide is not a solution, as some depressed and despondent people may think. It only makes things worse. We need our bodies because they allow us to work through emotions and release them. Our bodies allow us to physically interact and move through the world. They give us an opportunity to put into action what we think and actively create our lives, fulfill desires, and work out karma.

So, if you’ve felt fear around death and think of it as a total annihilation. Please reconsider. Death is not “the end.” It’s more like changing clothes. Your spirit continues. When the time is right, if it’s meant to be, you’ll move into a new body and a new life. You’ll eventually get a new set of clothes and start the cycle again. In the meantime, enjoy and let go of the fear.

Copyright, Debra Moffitt, 2016. No portion of this blog may be reproduced, reused, copied or used on another site or in print without prior written permission by its author, Debra Moffitt. dm@debramoffitt.com for permissions. www.debramoffitt.com



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