Spiritual Healing with Andrew McKellar

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I had the opportunity to spend some time with internationally renowned spiritual healer, Andrew McKellar. If you think spiritual healers wear white and are religious, then think again. Andy, as friends call him, says spiritual healing has nothing to do with religion. He knew from an early age that he had a special gift, but at first he rejected it.

Check out these links for my interview with Andrew on spiritual healing:

on YouTube, Tunein.com and on iTunes.com.

Today, thousands of people come from around the world to Southampton, UK to visit Andrew for ten to fifteen minute sessions. They come for everything from joint problems to cancer. Andrew sees their energy field (the aura) and can feel where the disturbances lie in the body. He says he works with two spirit guides, two doctors. For the healing, Andrew places his hands on the patients, and many people experience a great deal of heat coming into them through his hands. In numerous cases people who could barely walk into his healing Sanctuary, walk out with ease. What does he charge per session? Twenty pounds or about $30 US dollars.

Despite the thousands of people who have come and experienced healing, some skeptics still try to debunk Andrew McKellar’s work. But after thirty years as a healer and thousands of successes, Andrew has an eight month waiting list for appointments. He doesn’t advertise, but it’s all by word of mouth. “If it didn’t work, then I’d be out of business, wouldn’t I?” he says. Even doctors come to him when they have no where else to turn. But there’s still a big resistance to this type of healing experience in the medical community. One doctor, faced with kidney failure, was cured after some sessions with Andrew. When the doctor tried to publish an article on his experience in a medical journal, the journal rejected it.

andrew mckellarBut why would anyone spend six days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to about 5 p.m. every day with so many ill people? “I despise suffering. I despise seeing people ill,” Andrew says. He calls his work a “passion”. When he sees someone who is ill he says, “Something wells up in side of me.” He feels compelled to help stop their suffering.

How does healing work? “Healing comes from the power of pure, unconditional love,” Andrew says.  This kind of energy has been around for thousands of years, he adds. It’s not new. “To connect with this power, we must develop a very high frequency of Love and compassion for others,” Andrew says. “Unfortunately, a channel who is channeling this higher force has probably been through a great deal of suffering. within his or her life which has opened up this natural ability to have a high level of love and compassion for others.” He talks about his own difficult experiences and of living and wanting to commit suicide when he was in his early twenties. But a medium warned him not to and told him he’d become the next Harry Edwards. Edwards was a renowned English healer who cured thousands of people in his lifetime.

And to relax in his free time, Andrew puts on his swanky shoes, slick suits, and gold rings. He picks up a microphone and sings with his rich, beautiful voice. On his recent trip to the Human Development Center in Geneva, Switzerland, I spied him taking a guitar break on the couch and strumming between patients. When I asked for the secret to healing, he said, “We create our own illness and we create our own health.” It’s as simple and as challenging as that. To find Andrew McKellar, go to his website at: www.andrewmckellar.com

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Check out these links for my interview with Andrew on spiritual healing: on Tunein.com and on iTunes.com.

And have a look at this BBC TV clip’s report on Andrew.



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