What’s Your Frequency?

“The frequency of energy you hold moment by moment in your body, emotions, and mind — is the most important tool you have for creating and living your ideal life.” Penney Peirce, author of “Frequency

Have you noticed that someone’s energy speaks volumes? When someone enters a room you can get a sense of who they are without even knowing them. You can feel a lot about them. They’re depressed. They’re upbeat. They’re sick. They’re going through emotional turmoil. They’re joyful. We don’t even have to hear a word to know. It’s like we “hear” or sense their emotional state through their energetic vibration.

This means that our own individual energy speaks about us too. If we’re upbeat, that’s what people will resonate with. If we’re whining and complaining much of the time, our vibrational frequency will share this information with others. And it’s immediate. NO words necessary.

We’re at our best when we’re in what Peirce calls our “home frequency”. This is where we’re in alignment with the best we can be from the soul level. We radiate an expansive, joyful energy and feel an ease and flow in life.

The “home frequency” can be equated with your soul-self, your highest and best, your divine self. Meditation and dropping in using grounding techniques helps us to get there and be in full alignment with that best and highest energy. Naturally.

I interviewed Penney and asked her to help us to understand the energetic shifts taking place and how to align with and experience our “home frequency” even in stressful situations. She shared her insights on my live radio show, “Divinely Inspred Living”. Get the replay free on iTunes. com here. 

Penney Peirce is an internationally renowned author of “The Intuitive Way,” “Frequency” and “Leap of Perception”.

Find out more about Penney Peirce here: http://www.penneypeirce.com/index.htm




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