Incredible Writing Retreat for 2016

The Write Life blog chose the “Swiss Alps Natural Balance Retreat” as one of its “25 Incredible Retreats to Attend in 2016”. We’re grateful to The Write Life! Thank you!

writing-retreats-2016 Write Life
 Award-winning Author’s Swiss Alps Retreat Voted
 “One of the Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend 2016”

A Week in Nature to Renew, Resource, and Rediscover What Really Matters

Swiss-Italian Alps
Date: June 19th-26th, 2016
Location: Casa St. Angelo, Sonogno, Switzerland

The Write Life selected award-winning author, Debra Moffitt’s retreat as one of its “Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend in 2016”. Debra’s annual retreat moves to the Swiss Alps in 2016. Inspired by the beauty of the Verzasca Valley, Debra chose the small village of Sonogno. near Lugano, Switzerland for this year’s retreat because of its inspiring and healing properties. “I discovered the healing benefits of being in this pristine natural environment after a series of crises and illness. The rivers, mountains, and purity of the place regenerated and renewed me and I want to share the natural beauty with others.” Debra’s French Alps Writing retreat counted as one of The Write Life’s “Incredible Retreats to Attend in 2015.”

Debra’s non-sectarian retreats encourage people to connect with their own inner wisdom through simple writing practices that encourage self-awareness. Beginners are welcome and no prior experience with writing, yoga, or music are required. Participants from past retreats have come from all over the world and from a broad array of career paths and backgrounds.

Debra has completed two books in Sonogno, and also visits regularly to renew and re-energize. The Swiss Alps Natural Balance Retreat includes writing, yoga, and music for self-discovery. Three internationally respected teachers from the U.S., France, and Italy will share their expertise to create a space for participants from around the world who aim to renew and rejuvenate in the natural environment of the Tessin.

Yoga in the mountains, Freehold Creek valley, Otago, New Zealand
Yoga in the mountains, Freehold Creek valley, Otago, New Zealand – Photo by Thomas Sobek

Debra teaches writing for self-discovery and greater clarity. Muni Natarajan, a yoga and meditation teacher in Charleston, South Carolina, will teach gentle yoga accessible to beginners. Muni lived as a Hindu monk for 37 years before marrying and moving to Charleston. He’s also a gifted artist and musician. Luca Giugno, a professional jazz musician and music teacher in Locarno, Switzerland will lead the group in expression through music. Inspired by travels to India, Luca fuses his diverse musical experiences with a powerful sense of devotion through kirtan (Indian call and response singing) to create music that touches the spirit.

What people say:  New York Times bestselling author Mark Nepo says, “Debra [Moffitt] is a gentle teacher who offers water for the spiritually thirsty.”  —Mark Nepo, author of Inside the Miracle and The Book of Awakening

What Participants Say:
At Debra’s popular retreats, you’ll find participants from all over the world who come from a broad array of backgrounds. Debra’s French Alps Retreat was one of The Write Life’s “Incredible Retreats to Attend in 2015.” Debra has led workshops and retreats at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, at the Sophia Institute in Charleston, South Carolina, and in many places in Europe. She lives in France and speaks three languages. Her writing is deeply influenced by her travels.

Sun on river Val Verzsca.
Sun on river Val Verzsca. Photo by Debra Moffitt.

What People Say About the Debra’s Retreats:

“I take with me a full heart and a sense of peace. I am so thankful and feel very blessed that I was able to attend. I have learned so much here!” – TD from Charleston, SC

What People Say About Debra’s Retreats:

“Debra resists telling in favor of guiding you to your own discoveries. She will then help you to discover what is truth for you – or encourage you to continue seeking. She is real & she is amazing – has a true caring nature.” – PR, Charlotte, NC“

Debra created a comfortable environment giving each of us the opportunity to express ourselves without fear or feeling threatened. She provided thoughtful guidance to each of us in very constructive ways.” – JM, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Debra does a wonderful job of putting information out there and letting you grab hold of it in your own way.” DE, Charleston, South Carolina

What people say About Muni: “Yoga with Muni has changed me. I am more flexible, have better balance and more importantly I am more present to my life experiences. He is a gem on Daniel Island and we are blessed to have his studio here. He brings such a unique set of experiences from his many years in the monastery and he couples that with an approach to yoga practice that is very unique. He is willing to tailor your experience of yoga based on your own goals and desires and the results are extraordinary. When you are ready to commit, he is the person to partner with to create a journey of personal growth.”  — Peg Clarkson

What people say about Luca: “Luca’s rich vocals, combined with his adept musical talents on guitar make for a hot combo. Throw in his passion for Indian fusion, jazz, and his sense of humor and you’ve got a winning combination. Luca’s mini-concert and send off for the French Alps Retreat group in 2015 was a treat!” – Debra Moffitt   Contact Talk Radio
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