Surfing Waves of Change

“Surfing is attitude dancing.” – Gerry Lopez

Can you feel the speed of change? It gets harder and harder to hold on to old ways and patterns — and still feel comfortable. So what if this is an invitation to learn to surf? OK, maybe it’s not on ocean waves, but think of it as surfing on waves of change. surfing

If you’re someone who likes the familiar and comfortable, then change may make your adrenaline pump as your heels dig in. Perhaps your head is saying, “I’m staying right here and doing things like I’ve always done.”

“Fine,” the Universe may say. “But we’ve got work to do and you can surf on top of the wave or learn the hard way.”

A friend passionate about surfing explained to me how every good surfer has to struggle at first to learn balance and how to move with the ocean waves. In the beginning you may get sucked under and your nostrils fill with water. You come up coughing as the waves pull you under. But then you get it. “Your whole body, mind, and spirit feel at one with the wave and there’s nothing more exhilarating,” she said as her eyes sparkled. It’s the same with waves of change.

You may already be in tune with the speed of change and surf. But if you like routines and want to know what will happen next, then you may want to dig your heels in and resist, but that only causes pain, anxiety, and fear. If you can shift your attitude out of resistance and fear to one of welcoming new adventures, you’re starting to surf.

I feel these waves of change as energy and intention. I pay attention to the energy and where it wants to move me — and I surf with it. In this way life becomes an exhilarating adventure and fear subsides. I trust my inner guidance and literally go with the flow — even if it’s not what I expected.

“It’s all about where your mind’s at.”
Kelly Slater

As a psychic and intuitive who’s very sensitive to energy, one thing I notice more and more is that outer structures appear to be solid, but when they’re devoid of energy, they’ll collapse soon. Here’s an example. A lot of people are in relationships or jobs that appear to be “good” and “right” from the outside looking in. But energy doesn’t lie. And when people come to me for insight sessions (intuitive readings) I feel clearly when they’re holding on to relationships that are empty. The space between the people or between them and their job feels empty — as in spent and used. Done.

These relationships appear like a building frame with nothing to support it. The people in these relationships often put a lot of energy into keeping up appearances and holding up that structure. But they’re not listening to the messages. The message of “no more energy here” is saying that they’ve learned all they need to from that experience and it’s time to move on.

The same holds true for jobs. When there’s no energy there, it’s time to move on and find the place where you’ll feel stimulated, challenged, and learn what your spirit yearns for you to explore in this lifetime.

Society has put way too much value into the job that lasts a lifetime, or the long-enduring relationship that lasts twenty plus years. OK, for some people that is or was right and good. For many of us, it’s not. We’re here to thrive and look at life as an adventure.

Surf my friends. Learn to surf.


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