4 Reasons to Bother With Retreats

Why bother with going on a retreat when you can just travel to some place and hang out?

1) A good retreat with experienced and caring retreat leaders, can be life-transforming and healing in the best of ways. Retreats can give you space and time to reflect and more clarity to make better decisions. They can foster deeper self-awareness and help you to grow. They offer a safe space and experiences that invite you to expand and to step beyond your usual comfort zone. They’ll help you to soar and bring greater self-confidence. Sonogno cairn good

The retreats I love to organize go beyond just “hanging-out”. They encourage self-discovery and offer a place to create community too. Some people prefer a more solitary experience, but others enjoy the chance to connect.

2) A well-crafted retreat will take you deeper into self-understanding. It will draw out the best of you and help you to become more aware of the kinds of behaviors and attitudes that you wish to leave behind. But it allows you to be in your own flow of self-inquiry without pressure. The exercises and experiences are designed to bring out more of your qualities and character — and help you to become aware of the best you can be.

3) The best retreats focus on you, the person who’s there, wholeheartedly showing up and looking for greater calm and contentment. It’s not about the presenters or retreat leaders. Good retreat leaders will help to facilitate and guide you through deeper experiences and help you to process them — if you’d like. They also will let you move at your own pace and rhythm and allow you to step away and go grab a big chocolate chip cookie or a cappuccino if you need to. Nothing’s imposed.

4) Expect miracles in the quiet spaces. The essential happens in ah-ha moments of quiet and introspection. Going to a retreat in nature, for example, helps reconnect and harmonize with the natural environment. It allows space and time away from the noise of urban life to hear our own thoughts and feel our own feelings. The best retreats bring about renewal of energy and inspiration to fuel creative life renovation and new projects and adventures.

Curious about some retreats? Here are a few coming up over the next months.

Swiss retreat 2016 flyer good one to print jan 2016 with sonogno church mountains


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