Curiosity Opens Doors to Creativity

bubble wrap hatI’ve had many tantalizing writing assignments with the occasional celebrity interview and travel to incredible places. On a recent assignment, I prepared a luxury guide for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. That kind of work can be stimulating. But what about the time the luxury magazine editor assigned me “bubblewrap” or “Cenovis” (a brown, Swiss paste spread on toast)?!

How do you get inspired when you’re bored by the topic? Hummm.

And what do you do when the audience is high income readers and Ferrari owners?

My first reaction to the editor: “You’re kidding, right?!”

I felt bored, annoyed. Upset.

I felt like a know-it-all about bubble wrap. It’s packaging material, right?! But then I started to research and explore.

I didn’t know it all. My know-it-all attitude was a defense mechanism. So was my boredom.

To be creative I HAD to shift perspective and become curious.

I researched. I found people using bubble wrap in unusual ways. I discovered the bubble wrap was failed wallpaper-turned-packaging material. Some artists use it as canvas material! Some high-end fashion designers created bubble wrap hats!

Excitement started to seep in despite my initial reaction.

Then I took a quirky approach and decide to write the piece with a fun, playful perspective. The final title ended up: “Bubble Wrap: A Pop Icon Turns 50”. My favorite part was discovering that some office people become addicted to popping the bubbles as a stress reliever.

Moral of the story: Curiosity allows for creativity. bubble wrap hat



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