Attention: Your Most Valuable Asset in 2016!

Thinking of your portfolio of personal assets in 2016? What are your strengths and weaknesses? One of the biggest assets that can’t be traded on the stock exchange is your attention. Everyone wants a piece of it. Marketers and online advertisers make more and more demands on our attention.They lure us to click on a post, or watch that video, or sign up for that newsletter or podcast. If we don’t know what we value, if we don’t set distinct aims, it’s easy to squander time and attention by jumping from one place to another.  In India they refer to this as having a “monkey mind.”

Bali Sept 2011 739
Balinese monkey. Photo by Debra Moffitt

Some tips for valuing your time and attention more in 2016:

  • Know what matters to you. Do you really want to put time into watching the video of cute little kittens? Your choice.
  • A penny for your attention. Treat your time like media does. If you pay a cent for every click you make on a site, how many pennies will you have in that jar at the end of the month? And at the end of the year? Try it out and see.
  • Concentration is what allows us to get the job done. If you only write 45 minutes a day on your project or book, it adds up and concentration grows. It’s like training to be a world-class athlete. Concentration grows the more it’s used and developed.

Wishing you a well-focused, prosperous 2016!

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