9 Keys for Creativity-PS: Messiness is part of the process!

“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made and it wants to be made through you.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

What is creativity? Most people relate it to artists, writers, architects… But what if every day is creative and you can direct your creative energy through the way you focus your attention?

Each day we’re filled with creative energy and it comes into being through what we do and the decisions we make. What and how we make breakfast, the way we travel to work, the thoughts we think… It’s like we’re a part of a natural and very grand cycle. One of my teachers, Sathya Sai Baba, referred to the creative process as “GOD. Generation. Organization. Destruction.”

He said it’s a natural process that we experience. In my creative process as a writer, I’ve discovered a few keys that many people experience during the creative process.

Keys to being creative:

  • Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. When you start anything new, you may have a sense of your destination, but even if you have a map, you’ll not see all of the adventures, obstacles, and joys of the process. It wouldn’t be any fun to know it all in advance! You have to dare to step across the threshold of your familiar, comfortable life and into the unfamiliar and unknown. The familiar is comfortable and known — like your favorite armchair. Creativity invites you into the realm of the original and new. It’s like stepping into a forest or exploring a new house. Be prepared for excitement and adventure! But not necessarily comfort.
  • Accept confusion and disorganization/messiness. (I bet God was really messy!  Just consider construction sites before buildings come together! They’re a mess! And think of the Big Bang at the origins of the universe. It’s like my office when I’m writing a book!
  • Practice allowing. This means stop trying to control the process, because you don’t. Create a space and time to be creative. Be disciplined with your butt on the chair. Or your hands on the kitchen knives while your prepare dinner. Then leave your self open for inspiration.
  • Surrender to inner wisdom. You are infinitely wise and creative. See what kind of WOW! happens when you allow that inner wisdom to express itself.
  • Self-confidence. The word “confidence” comes from Latin and means “with faith” (con fiducia). Have faith in what wants to come through you and show up.
  • Be willing to make mistakes. Perfectionism kills creative energy. Most of our creative babies are not born fully formed. Give them a chance to be born without judgment or criticism. Then rewrite, reshape, and polish them like diamonds until they shine with radiance.
  • Ability to Complete. See it through to the end. The energy in your ideas and projects will tell you if they merit completion. It may take some work to discern between what’s right to proceed with and what’s not going to serve. You’ll know when you determine your personal values about what’s important to you and where you decide to put your time, energy, and money.
  • Ability to Start over/try again. Creative energy flows constantly. Listen to what wants to come in and see if it’s the right time.
  • And finally, Enjoy the process! Creativity is a joy in itself. Discovering what wants to come into being through you is magical and mystical.

Copyright Debra Moffitt, 2015. No portion of this blog post or blog may be recopied, reused, posted as content, or reprinted in anyway without prior written consent. For permissions contact dm@debramoffitt.com and see the “About” page for details.

Writers cafe hands on computer nikki sep 2015
Writers Cafe International photo by Debra Moffitt






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