Chosing Your Anchor in Challenging Times

By Debra Moffitt

Flowers growing between rocks. Photo by Debra Moffitt.
Flowers growing between rocks. Photo by Debra Moffitt.

I woke up to the news about Paris when friends contacted me via email and Skype to make sure I’m safe. Before I checked the news to find out what they meant I sat in meditation and surrounded myself in light. I lit candles for those in need as I do most mornings. Then I searched the news and saw the headlines. “State of Emergency in France After Deadly Terrorist Attacks in Paris,” PBS read.

But I didn’t watch the video footage or listen to the dramatic tone of the TV announcer. I don’t deny the seriousness of the events, but I knew that those sounds and images of death and destruction would drag me down into a place of fear and concern. Instead I read through a few articles to learn more. I didn’t react with anxiety, though I felt a good deal of it floating in the air yesterday and today. I focused on the light and remaining in the light.

When others suffer, we don’t help them by dropping into their level of pain and resonating with them. We help them by focusing on light and by holding a high vibration and uplifting them. Dropping down, lowering one’s vibe feels yucky and hurtful. It hurts me and it does not help the person in front of me. The most compassionate and loving way for self and others is to hold a vibration of peace and light and invite others to join us there.

There’s plenty of darkness around. And even more light. Stand firmly in the light and the world around you shifts. The shadows may grow more distinct in the light and some people will not like it. But you will be doing the whole world a service by standing firmly in the sunshine of your radiant spirit.

I light a candle and send prayers to those in pain and to those who are suffering. Fear finds no foothold here.

A prayer for peace from India:

Samasta loka sukhino bhavantu.
Samasta loka sukhino bhavantu.
Samasta loka sukhino bhavantu.

“May all beings in all worlds be happy.”

Sending out uplifting thoughts of peace for this day.

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  1. Beautiful perspective, Debra, one that is so positive and healing for all. Thank you! And the Indian prayer for peace warmed my heart with its simplicity.

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