Tips on Overcoming Writer’s Block

By Debra Moffitt

Have a paper to write or need to create some good content but can’t get past the opening line? Here are some quick tiWriters Cafe Nathalie with computer and Valais water nice one sep 2015ps on getting past creative blocks.

  1. Carve out a space and time. Even half an hour or 45 minutes will get your creative engine started.
  2. Show up. Showing up means that you’re fully present and open to receiving creative inspiration.
  3. Allow. Practice allowing the inspiration to come in. Forcing only creates more of a block. When you feel stuck or don’t know where to go (or where something is leading you) keep on writing. Write the same word over and over until something else comes through. But stick to it. Meditation helps!
  4. Have fun. There’s no pressure. No obligation. Show up and play with the creative energy and see what wants to evolve.
  5. Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body. Dance. Or stretch 0r shake out your body. When writing only from head space, it’s  going to be really hard to touch and inspire readers. Getting into your body and feeling your feelings and sensations, will make you a more complete and deeper, richer writer.

For more listen to this short World Radio Switzerland interview with me, Debra Moffitt on overcoming “writer’s block”.

And here’s the “Just Write!” event link.


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