Yoga: Is It More Than a Fad?

From “On Yoga” by Taschen.

When yoga pants become a fashion statement at New York Fashion Week, it’s a sign that yoga must be here to stay. But more than a fashion trend, yoga is creating cultural influences across the world. Taschen’s photo book, “On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace” reveals some of photographer, Michael O’Neill’s love and fascination with the culture of yoga from its origins to its modern interpretations. From the Ganges to Beverly Hills, O’Neill captures poses and symbols of this movement. You’ll see yoga star, Shiva Rea; fashion designer, Donna Karan; Jivamukti founder, Sharon Gannon, and Indian sadhus practicing asanas. O’Neill is not an outsider looking in. He’s a certified yoga instructor who practices Kundalini yoga and captures poses with an eye for the aesthetic.

Europe has been slower to adopt yoga. The Geneva Yoga Music Festival just ended with a successful Swiss TV interview that attests to the estimated 200,000 practitioners in this small country. I was on the program at GYMF teaching a workshop on “Spirituality & Writing” for yogis. Other international star yoga teachers included Mary Bruce from the U.S. and Amir Jaan, in the U.K. and Daniel Anner, the festival organizer. From the popularity of the festival, it appears the yoga culture that has become a huge part of American culture over the past decade is finally making headways in Europe. It is settling in to help usher us in a new era of self-mastery through physical poses or asanas and draw us into deeper self-inquiry. If you’ve not yet dared to try it, pick a local class and give it a chance. Or if you’re well set in your yoga practice, try a new style of yoga to broaden your horizons. I love Jivamukti yoga and the rock asanas with rock music, but they’re not for everyone. Namaste!
Copyright Debra Moffitt, 2015. No portion of this text may be copied or reused without prior written permission from the author. See About Debra page for contact. Photos by Michael O’Neill from Taschen.

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