Focus: 3 Ways to Concentrate Creative Energies for Success

ganesha out of focusganesha photo by Debra Moffittby Debra Moffitt

With so many things and people vying for attention, the biggest challenge to anyone who wants to move forward with a creative project or direct their life, is to focus creative energy.

Getting lost on the Internet in hours of aimless “surfing” will not likely help to get the book done or get your photographs or business project out into the world.

So what’s the DIY fix ?

1) “Bring the Mind Home”. This is what my Buddhist meditation teacher, and author of “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”, Sogyal Rinpoche used to tell me. Take this first, big step to bring the focus and energy home, back to one’s Self. Creating anything in the world is about focusing energy. But when we’re dispersed, and constantly focused on what’s going on “out there”, the energy can become dispersed, and lost and it becomes difficult to gain momentum. It’s kind of like fizzy drinks. If you leave the cap off, the fizz, the bubble goes out everywhere and there’s nothing left in the bottle. Meditation is a way to get the creative fizz back. It is the number one, biggest way to shift the energy and focus from “out there” to what’s going on inside. With that big shift, some discomfort may arise initially. Things that were not consious become consious — some emotional hurts and discomfort may arise, but this is good to bring it to awareness and let it release. But go deeper, listen to that inner Wise One Within — your own Heart, and the peace and content will begin to show. Radiance will flow. And this is your naturally creative Self.

2) Notice Where You Devote Your Time & Energy – Creativity is an act of devotion. Where I put my time and energy reveals what is important to me. Have a look at your usual week and look at the ways you spend most of your time. Is it on the Internet swiping through Facebook posts? Is it watching TV? Do you carve out a space for your own creative self — either for meditation or writing or painting or doing anything creative? I met an aspiring writer, who worked in a London bookstore. Instead of complaining about having no time to write, he at woke up at 5 a.m. and wrote every morning before going to work. One day the head of a top literary agency came in and asked him for some help. The aspiring writer recognized him — and asked if he might share his manuscript with the agent. The agent found him a publisher!

3) Dive Deeper for Creative Inspiration — The best and most original creative impulses do not come from imitating others or from following the crowd. They come from deep within and it’s only by committing to making space for this kind of inspiration that we’re able to acknowledge it and bring what it has to offer into our writing, our business plan, our relationships, and our lives.

Happy writing! Happy explorations of your inner world!

Copyright Debra Moffitt, August 2015.  ganesha ganesha out of focus


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