Daring to Do What Calls You – Even When Others Think You’re Crazy?

by Debra Moffitt

French market onions. Photo by Debra Moffitt.
French market onions. Photo by Debra Moffitt.

Would you do what’s right for you even if others think it’s crazy? Jules Dervaes did. He transformed his lawn into a lush farm just outside of Los Angeles. It grows enough food to sustain the entire family and serve up local chefs with fresh local fare. Jules Dervaes said that at first his neighbors didn’t understand. He calls his urban farm, “The Path to Freedom.”

Urban farms that support individual families and the farm to table movement in places like Charleston, South Carolina, encourage a new way of thinking about food — and lawns! It goes against the idea of established grocery stores filled with processed foods and tons of plastic packaging even on organic veggies.

We’re given options “in the box”. Buy from a grocery. Work 9 to 5. Think in certain ways. But more and more people are feeling called to think for themselves and create lives and experiences out of the ordinary. Some change or quit jobs, move to unexpected places, try new experiences and discover a whole new life opens up for them. They’re not doing it to please anyone else, but to answer to an inner calling. That inner calling has a design that can bring inspiration and guidance. It can also inspire in the ways that Jules Dervaes and his family are now inspiring millions of people. But that was not his initial aim. Jules had a dream, a feeling and he followed it. The Dervares family in Passadena, California started their farm ten years ago. Despite the challenges and the ways others may have judged and looked at them in a critical way, their project has turned into a sort of Eden because they stayed the course.

Do you have a feeling, a dream about something that’s calling you? If you pursue it, it may be the thing that will make a contribution to a more wonderful world — and bring you joy.

Text Copyright, Debra Moffitt, July 2015. No portion of this post or blog may be reused, reprinted, republished on the Internet or in ebook or book form without prior written consent by the author.


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