Tapping into Spiritual Super Powers

Angel as he appears in Marvels (January 2010). Art by Alex Ross.
Angel as he appears in Marvels (January 2010). Art by Alex Ross.

By Debra Moffitt

The Marvel Comics, X-men, are fun, larger-than-life characters with superpowers. The original X-men (and women), created in 1963, learned to use their powers to benefit mankind. The good guys held this aim in mind, while the bad guys aimed to used their powers to exploit and take power over others.

As a spiritual renaissance begins to unfold, more individuals will discover their own superpowers — or perhaps you’ll come in contact with someone who has them. The powers emerge  naturally and some of the powers or “siddhis” as the ancient Hindu texts call them, include: the power to heal others; the power to know someone’s mind and intentions; the power to see auras; the power to see the future and gain other insights; the power over natural forces; and the power to perceive the deceased. These are just a few.

Some people will use these powers to benefit others, while others may use them to do their own will. If you find yourself drawn to people who have these abilities, then you may also possess them (or want to) and want to learn about how to use them appropriately.

Here are some examples of how powers may be used:

1) Imposing Personal Will:  In selling some jewelry to a jewelry store, the person doing the transaction had a very strong desire to have the pieces I offered at a certain price. He asked, “How much do you want?” I heard a very clear number that came from him, and like a parrot, I said it. He said, “Good,” and wanted to conclude the deal fast. When I went home, I clearly felt his aim to control me and impose his will. I cancelled the deal and went somewhere else. Most people don’t want to be controlled or manipulated into doing someone else’s bidding to benefit the other.

2) Psychics – Gifts and Powers: I love going to see Tarot card readers, psychics, and people who read Akashaic records. It’s a learning experience. Just like with any other job, some people can be quite accurate, well-trained and competent, while others are completely off the mark. The trick with psychics, if you go to one, is

a) don’t become dependent on them. Always trust your inner Guidance, your Wisdom-Self first.

b) realize psychics are human too.  They may even read your energy or see things clearly, but if they do not have the skills to interpret them correctly, this can really set you in a wrong direction or make you feel bad when there’s no reason to. It may be fun to consult and learn from them and use their experiences and insights as a way to affirm and gain confidence in your own abilities. Then develop your self-knowledge more and learn to be your own psychic.

c) It’s not because someone has some supernatural powers that they are necessarily spiritual-minded and good. Trust your sixth sense about what feels right and accurate.

3) Healers: Some people are wonderful healers. They bring incredible, powerful healing energy into your aura and energy field, and they leave without hooking into you. The best healers will respect you fully and allow the healing energy to work through them and not make it about them. Unfortunately some people who are in early stages of spiritual growth use healing energy as a way to control others or try to get others to do what they imagine is the right thing. Be very careful about who you consult and when you go into a session, ask for Spirit, God, your Highest Self, or whatever you want to call It, to guide and direct the session. Some healers will try to create dependency. The best ones do not. Trust your experience and how you feel.

4) Develop Your Own Gifts: And define how to best use your energy. Ancient wisdom texts say that as we grow spiritually, our “siddhis”, our spiritual powers will naturally grow — but seeking spiritual powers should not be an end in itself. Define your values and aims for how you wish to develop and use your gifts. You may go through many phases — maybe you will see auras, experience healing energy coming through you, hear people’s thoughts, see insights or “visions”, have prophetic dreams. These all come to help us to grow and expand our awareness. The more we advance in a spirit of unity, harmony, and oneness, the more we grow.

If you begin to develop these gifts, be sure to find the highest and most spiritual-minded teacher you can attract to you. Your heart will know this person — and they will not seek to take power over you, make you dependent on them, ask you to give them huge sums of money, or make unreasonable demands that benefit them personally.  Above all, don’t imagine that you are better than others because you happen to be able to see a little bit more of the puzzle. It simply means that you have greater responsibility to use it wisely. Happy explorations!

Copyright, Debra Moffitt, July 2015. No portion of this blog post/text, may be used, copied, or printed in any form without express written permission of the author.

IPPY Gold Medal and Foreword Bronze Medal winning book.
IPPY Gold Medal and Foreword Bronze Medal winning book.

Bio: Debra Moffitt is the award-winning author of “Awake in the World”, “Garden of Bliss”, and “Riviera Stories.” She teaches workshops and leads retreats and has been on the faculty at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and at the Sophia Institute in Charleston, South Carolina. She frequently leads workshops in France and Geneva, Switzerland.


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