Expanding Your Happiness Day 21: Radiating Fulfillment

Deepak and Oprah quoted “Garden of Bliss” for their online meditation and happiness course. Check it out here.

Healey Institute for Healers


“Our true nature is bliss. That bliss is like the sun that always shines.”― Debra Moffitt

“Congratulations! What a blessing to have shared this three-week journey with you. As we complete our Meditation Experience, it is appropriate that we arrive at a state of fulfillment, feeling a sense of completion. During our time meditating together we have located the seeds of happiness deep within our spiritual self, we nurtured them in our minds and hearts, and then shared that happiness with the world. This journey fosters outer fulfillment, which in turn creates more inner happiness – so the cycle of joy becomes self-perpetuating, going on and on.

In our meditation today we will honor the expanding circle of happiness that we generate from our silent self, which effortlessly radiates to all the world.”

Today’s Centering Thought

“I walk in the light of my fulfillment.”

Sanskrit Mantra

“Purnamidam.” I feel…

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