Make Love with Your Partner – From “Awake in the World”

Award-winning book, Awake in World

“From the Heart         

In making love with your partner, elevate him or her to the level of the divine. See the goddess or god in your lover and consider giving joy and pleasure to promote unconditional love and support the other in his spiritual journey. Self or ego is loveless, while selflessness is full of love. The very act of union or merging with another can be symbolic of our act of union with God. Feel the energetic experience throughout the body. Very often we attach to the lover through keeping energy blocked at the root charkra or at the level of the solar plexus. Raise the energy to the heart level on the right side of the body. Do this simply by attuning to the energy flowing naturally through the body. Imagine a flower opening petal by petal in the area of the spiritual heart. Let love flow from this place out to your partner.

Playing with love making is like playing with fire or a double edged sword. It’s when we’re at our most vulnerable and naked literally and symbolically. But holding an attitude of playfulness can bring a sense of lightness. Often in the Western tradition sexuality has been treated as dirty. The pendulum reaction swinging to extremes cheapen it through promiscuity. Neither approach gives a healthy response to a natural and beautiful experience. Making the right choices about when, where and how one shares the jewel of sensuality with another requires discernment and transcending the immediate pull of desires. Chastity and loyalty to one partner protects the body, mind and spirit and keeps the heart whole.

Open your heart and turn your love making into a sacred union with your partner. Honor and respect your chosen one in this act of divine union. Consider it a symbolic union between the divine masculine and feminine within you. Let your mind focus on being present and elevate the energy to the heart level. Enjoy. In joy.”  – From “Awake in the World: 108 Practice to Live a Divinely Inspired Life” by Debra Moffitt


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