Clear Vision 2015! Creativity, Intuition & Writing Workshops in January

Kick start your 2015 with a creative boost and fire up your intuition.clear vision 2015 logoCharleston, SC, Jan. 2nd-3rd

Charlotte, NC, Jan. 9-10th

Asheville Area, NC, Jan. 16th-17th

Writing and Intuition-01955(1) Intuition is the best source for sparking creativity. The best and most creative ideas and the best solutions to problems come from a higher level of awareness — and not the usual level of mind that most of us rely on every day. Einstein said it best, that the solutions we’re looking for don’t come from the same level of mind that produces the questions and problems. So how do you go higher and deeper? How do you get original ideas and find your true self-expression? This fun, playful workshop teaches through experiential exercises that help you to discover your own natural creativity and develop your intuitive abilities.  Register here: Clear Vision 2015! Workshops.

Everyone possesses creative powers and intuitive abilities. When we open the doors to subtle perception, it inspires creative life to expand. In an environment that recognizes, supports, and encourages intuitive development and creative inspiration, self-confidence soars and you begin to trust your insights and creative gifts and thrive. If you are ready to make a giant leap in 2015, this dynamic, playful, yet deep workshop, invites you to embrace your creative life and explore your natural abilities. We’ll use writing, grounding exercises, guided meditations, work with emotions, and self-expression, and intuitive assessments by workshop leaders as ways to develop more clarity and self-awareness around personal aims, relationships, and projects. This highly interactive workshop aims to encourage participants to bring more clarity to their lives and trust the inner voice. Immediate intuitive feedback from workshop leaders, who are recognized intuitives, will help you to develop your own gifts, fine tune your hunches, and draw out your inner strengths. You will be encouraged to step into the adventures your soul is calling you to embrace.  Register here: Clear Vision 2015! Workshops.

  • Discover your intuitive strengths and what inspires you creatively.

  • Set clear intentions around using intuition and creative energy.

  • Connect with creative energy and increase self-confidence in it to accomplish aims.

  • Find out what may be holding you back.

  • Discover new directions to explore.

  • Build intuitive and creative self-esteem in a supportive environment.

  • Find out what makes your soul sing – and go for it.

  We’ll use tools like:

  • Creative visualization

  • Guided meditation

  • Writing

  • Drawing and collage

  • Dance and movement

  • Intuitive assessments by workshop leaders

  • And may even take a creative cat nap!

 Who is this for:

This workshop is for anyone looking to develop more creativity, deepen intuition, write with more inspiration and find more clarity in their lives. People in transition with a career or relationship, trying to discover what steps to take next with a project, and/or seek to listen more deeply to your own wisdom and intuition will find this particularly beneficial.

Register here for Clear Vision 2015! Workshops.

Times for all retreats:  Friday, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  :  Saturday, 10:00 a,m, to 3:00 p.m.

Addresses:                 Charleston, SC Area: To be announced.

                                   Charlotte, NC: Elemental Healings, 5200 Park Road, Ste. 200 – C

                                   Asheville Area: To Be Announced

 Workshop Leaders – Bios:

 Debra Moffitt, is an American author of two award-winning books, “Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life” and “Garden of Bliss“. Her books are translated into Spanish and Lithuanian, and sold to publishers in China and India. Debra has taught workshops at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and The Sophia Institute in Charleston, South Carolina and worldwide. She aims to help people who come to her to make the unconscious conscious and to gain greater Self-confidence. She leads an annual French Alps retreat and  shares time between Charleston and France

 Sarah Scott (Scotti) Putnam is a skilled intuitive and a dynamic powerhouse of a teacher based in Charleston, SC. She studied with Sonia Choquette, and serves international clients through her abilities to discern and accurately interpret information relating to health, relationships, careers, and emotional issues. She also receives accurate and valuable information from loved ones who have passed on. She teaches intuition workshops and aims to bring out the best and serve the highest good of those who come to her for support and guidance.Awake Final

Register Now for full workshop:

                $155 (includes $5 Paypal fee)

For Friday Night Only



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